Angela Merkel

Merkel robbed while shopping in a delicatessen supermarket

A theft in a supermarket - actually sounds unspectacular. But the victim is the former German head of government.

Today on Arte: "Angela Merkel – In the course of time" – Of total predictability

The film "Angela Merkel - In the course of time" is a TV portrait of the former Chancellor, staged by documentary filmmaker Torsten Körner.

Today on ARD: Olli Dittrich in "I was Angela Merkel" – How Sandro Zahlemann intervenes in world events

As Sandro Zahlemann on ARD, Olli Dittrich knows who really governed us in the year that is coming to an end. The TV review.

Biermann birthday with Merkel, Scholz, Steinmeier

Wolf Biermann was celebrated by political leaders on his 85th birthday. Even Merkel pays tribute to the songwriter. The Biermann and Merkel / Sauer couples have been friends for years.

Longing for “frigid” times: Wolfgang Joop outraged with misogynistic statements

In an interview with Spiegel, Wolfgang Joop gossips about politicians and reminisces about the times of Karl Lagerfeld - in all their cruelty.

Corona incidence leaps to almost 150: Doctors angry about Spahn's "Booster" call

The incidence in Germany has long been back in the three-digit range, but the booster vaccination is poorly accepted. A dispute between politics and doctors is emerging.

Vaccination debate about Joshua Kimmich: Now big politics is turning on

Even a week after Joshua Kimmich announced that he would not be vaccinated against Corona, sport and politics are still discussing role model function and effects.

Nobel Peace Prize 2021: Greta Thunberg and WHO are highly regarded

50 years after Willy Brandt received the award, it will be announced today at 11 a.m. in Oslo who will receive the Nobel Peace Prize this year. The news ticker.


Apple increases the minimum wage for its workers to 435 pesos per hour

The increase in the minimum wage of its workers refers to 45% more than the 2018 levels.

Pampering children, something positive?: know its consequences and benefits

Pampering children or giving many whims: yes or no? What does consent really mean?

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Pemex raises exports of light crude oil to levels not seen in almost 24 years

The state company has been forced to change its strategy of limiting exports, in the face of international crude oil prices that ensure greater liquidity.

Call: Responsible Companies 2022

Expansión and the Schulich School of Business look for companies with the best ESG practices.