This is the giant jellyfish that has appeared on Spanish beaches: It can weigh 40 kilos!

In recent days a giant jellyfish has appeared on Spanish beaches that has alerted bathers. It's dangerous?

The longest and most beautiful beaches in Spain to enjoy this summer

If this summer you want to escape the crowds due to the coronavirus, these are the longest beaches in Spain. Up to 28 kilometers in length!

These are the blue flag beaches in the province of Cádiz in 2021

If this summer you have chosen Cádiz as a holiday destination, we will tell you which are the blue flag beaches.

This is the meaning of the flags on the beaches of Spain: green, black, red, blue …

To avoid any type of risk and danger, it is essential to know the meaning of the different flags of the beaches in Spain.

Summer 2021: the best plans for beaches and coves in Spain

If this summer you want to rest and disconnect from the routine, we will tell you which are the most beautiful beaches and coves in Spain awarded with the Blue Flag.


Family: Anne Heche will probably not survive the accident

The US actress crashed into a house at high speed – after the crash, her car caught fire. Heche's family is now examining whether their organs can be donated. That was Heche's wish.

Arctic warming almost four times faster than global

Climate change is clearly noticeable in the Arctic - even more than in other regions of the world. This has to do with polar amplification, write researchers in a study.

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