FunThe longest and most beautiful beaches in Spain to...

The longest and most beautiful beaches in Spain to enjoy this summer

After more than a year of pandemic, what we most want to enjoy a few days of rest and relaxation is to lie in the sun and take a good dip in the sea. Social distance continues to be very important to avoid the proliferation of Covid-19, so it is of special interest to know which are the longest beaches in Spain to avoid crowds.


Doñana can boast of being the longest beach in the national territory. In reality it is a set of natural and totally virgin beaches of nothing more and nothing less than 28 kilometers on the coast of Huelva.

Although there are some in which access is restricted, in others it is completely free. Torre del Loro beach is one of the best, 3 kilometers long. With fine golden sand , the gigantic golden cliffs give it a very special charm.

Castilla beach

Also in the province of Huelva is the beach of Castilla, 20 kilometers long. The origin of the most curious name is that it was the first beach in the Kingdom of Castile that overlooked the Atlantic Ocean. The beach is almost virgin and can be accessed at certain points, which are very well signposted.

New Umbria

We continue in the province of Huelva! Nueva Umbría beach is one of the most popular in southern Spain during the summer months, but there are no crowds because it is 12 kilometers long , a good part of which belongs to the municipality of Lepe. It hardly has services because, being in a protected area, the installation of beach bars or the rental service of hammocks and umbrellas is not allowed, but you will not miss them either.

Mazagón Beach

Another of the longest and most beautiful beaches in Spain is Mazagón, also in the province of Huelva. A 9-kilometer-long urban beach that offers all kinds of services and has a great family atmosphere. Although the occupation in summer is very high, you can always look for a quiet corner to rest.

Carnota beach

And finally, Carnota beach, in La Coruña. It is 7 kilometers long and has a paradisiacal aspect, with crystal clear waters and white sand . A natural space of great beauty in the shape of a half moon. The German magazine “Traum stände” included it in the ranking of the 100 best beaches in the world.

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