Inflation does not spare even beer; has its biggest rise in 12 years

The chela registered an increase of 11.2% during September of this year, the highest variation in 151 months; the most expensive 355-milliliter bottle was found in Cuernavaca Morelos.

Health! The craft beer industry expects to grow more than 10% in Mexico despite inflation

The Mexican Brewing Association estimates to reach a production of 34 million liters this year, equivalent to almost 2,000 million pesos in sales.

Heineken's reasons behind 'the absurd idea' of creating a digital beer

The beer group went beyond the physical world to attract young consumers and position itself in one of the fastest growing categories globally.

If a company does not transform, it puts its permanence at risk: Grupo Modelo

It has reinvented itself to become a Fast Moving Consumer Goods company and today reflects this concept in technology, innovation and benefits to communities.

Craft brewers in Monterrey switch from cans and glass to kegs to reduce their water consumption

The producers had to reduce the water used in washing the containers to reduce their consumption due to the water crisis that the city faced in the last three months.

Grupo Modelo transforms its delivery app to boost sales of beer in returnable containers

Grupo Modelo changed the image of its home delivery application and now accepts returnable containers.

Why do they do it? Big brewers now can 'micheladas'

Heineken Mexico, Grupo Modelo and other large brewers are looking for a slice of this category, which is on the rise among younger beer consumers, between 18 and 35 years old.

Health! Mexican craft beers gain ground in the US, but also in China and Japan

Increasingly, Mexican craft beer is drunk in other countries; however, it arrives with few quantities, since it has to overcome difficulties such as distribution.


Schedules of the Valencia GP of MotoGP in Cheste and how to see it

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