Being infected with Covid in the last trimester increases the risk of premature birth by up to seven times

To date, studies on pregnancy and Covid infection have been somewhat limited, most small and restricted to hospitalized patients, but in this study of five thousand pregnant women, it sheds a little more light on the effects of the coronavirus on pregnancy in each trimester.

A review of studies confirms that the transmission of Covid in pregnancy is "rare": less than two percent

One of the main concerns of pregnant women when the pandemic broke out was the risk of transmitting the virus to the baby through the placenta, which is known as vertical infection. The various studies carried out over these two years showed that it was unlikely and now a review of 472 studies confirms that the transmission of Covid to the baby is rare.

Children who are afraid to remove their mask: how to manage it

We have started wearing the mask two years ago, as a result of the pandemic, and this means that we have become accustomed to it. Also the children.

The placenta can block the transmission of Covid to the baby during pregnancy

One of the main concerns of pregnant women at the beginning of the pandemic was whether the coronavirus could cross the placenta and infect the baby, which is known as vertical transmission. Although some cases have been documented, the truth is that transmission from mother to fetus is rare, since the placenta acts as a shield protecting the baby.

The emotional moment in which a mother meets her baby after spending a month in the ICU for Covid

Covid is a disease that most of the time is not serious, but unfortunately there are people who end up admitted to the ICU, pregnant women being more susceptible to complications.

Work conciliation: how to reconcile if I have to take care of my son in quarantine due to Covid?

Since the children have returned to class after the Christmas holidays, infections among the little ones have been increasing, leaving school classrooms half empty. Faced with this panorama, there are many parents who see themselves, once again, at a crossroads in reconciling work and family that is so difficult to square.

The effects of the pandemic on the mental health of pregnant women

Pregnant women are being one of the most vulnerable groups in these uncertain times of pandemic. The mental health of mothers is very important at such a special time as pregnancy and the birth of a child, and the situation of uncertainty that has been experienced since the start of the Covid pandemic is not the friendliest terrain.

62 percent of European pregnant women gave birth unaccompanied during the pandemic

Women who gave birth at the start of the pandemic did so amid great uncertainty. The protocols were not yet clear and as a precaution, many had to give birth alone, without their partner or a person they trusted to accompany them at such an important vital moment.


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