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The emotional moment in which a mother meets her baby after spending a month in the ICU for Covid

Covid is a disease that most of the time is not serious, but unfortunately there are people who end up admitted to the ICU, pregnant women being more susceptible to complications.

Begoña García, a young 28-year-old mother from La Línea de la Concepción, has lived a hard time that has fortunately ended with a happy ending.

She was 7 months and 3 weeks pregnant when she contracted coronavirus without being vaccinated . He began to feel unwell in November, but the tests were negative for two weeks, until the positive came back, with a high viral load. On December 6, she had to be admitted to the Covid floor of the Hospital de la Línea de la Concepción after spending two days severely affected by the infection.

Three days later, on December 9, given the seriousness of her condition, they had to perform an emergency caesarean section because both she and her baby were in danger. The baby is a boy who weighed 2,458 kilos and measured 55 centimeters, and was born without Covid .

“They told my family that I didn’t go out”

Just hours after giving birth, Begoña entered the Intensive Care Unit, where they had to sedate her and intubate her. The mother confesses that she thought she would not leave there to meet her baby. He has been on the verge of dying, “they told my family that I was not going out” , he confesses.

But it has improved and the long-awaited meeting has finally taken place on January 7. In the video shared on Twitter by the Campo de Gibraltar Health Management Area we can see the emotional moment in which mother and newborn meet for the first time .

A month without meeting her baby

It is inevitable that we shed a tear when we see the images. Can you imagine what it’s like to meet your baby a month after birth?

It is the moment most dreamed of by the mother, who can be seen still very weak and with trembling hands, afraid to take him in her arms. “I was afraid to pick it up because I thought I was going to drop it. My whole body was shaking,” recalls the mother.

She still has sequelae of Covid, such as difficulty breathing and reduced mobility in one of her legs, but since January 16 she has been home happy and enjoying her baby.

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