Being infected with mild or moderate Covid in pregnancy does not harm the baby's brain

After almost two years of a pandemic, we know that pregnant women are more vulnerable to the virus that causes Covid-19. However, little is known about the possible consequences for a fetus if the mother becomes infected during pregnancy.

Smoking in pregnancy would also affect babies in later pregnancies

The effects of smoking in pregnancy are well known, but although the importance of not smoking during this stage has been constantly mentioned, 25 percent of women of childbearing age smoke, and more than half of them continue to do so during pregnancy. pregnancy.

Do babies cry in the womb? This is what science has researched

From the second trimester of pregnancy, around 18 weeks (it may be earlier if it is not the first pregnancy), the movements of the baby within the womb begin to be felt. We can also feel when she has hiccups and towards the end of the pregnancy the kicks are felt more and more vigorous.

33 pretty ideas to paint your pregnant belly

Body painting or body painting is an artistic painting applied to the skin, considered one of the first artistic expressions of our ancestors and one of its most beautiful forms is when it is applied during pregnancy, called belly painting.

They look at a human embryo between 16 and 19 days old for the first time and discover what happens at this key stage

A team of British and German scientists has managed for the first time to observe what happens in a human embryo between 16 and 19 days after fertilization, during a key stage of its development called gastrulation.

Not a drop of alcohol in pregnancy: what the mother drinks reaches the baby

Alcohol is the most widely consumed drug in industrialized countries, and Spain ranks highly among those with the highest consumption. It is estimated that more than a third of women consume alcohol during pregnancy, something often normalized as it is believed that a small amount does not affect the baby.

Getting pregnant in November: pros, cons and when will your baby be born

When we plan the pregnancy, and even if it does not always go according to plan afterwards, we calculate when the best moment will be. Although there is no better month than the other, it is true that the time of year influences how your pregnancy will go.

Covid vaccines do not increase the risk of miscarriage in the first trimester of pregnancy, according to a new study

Many pregnant women refuse to be vaccinated against Covid for fear of possible side effects on pregnancy, one of the most publicized - without scientific support - that could cause a miscarriage in the first weeks of pregnancy.


Thousands of British households without power after storm

The storm "Arwen" caused severe damage in Great Britain at the end of November. According to official information, a little more than 9,000 households were without electricity on Friday evening.

Princess Madeleine travels to Sweden: Palace confirms homecoming

This news makes Sweden's royal fans cheer: Princess Madeleine will not only return to her homeland, her trip to Stockholm is even imminent.

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They discover a planet as dense as iron

The planet located by the TESS exoplanet survey satellite is the size of Mars but with the composition of Mercury.

Do vaccines against Omikron work? Biontech boss expresses himself – and speaks of "new vaccine"

How well do the Omikron vaccinations work? Biontech boss Ugur Sahin has now commented on it - and sees the need for a new vaccine.