Curiosities about the DNI: from what age is it mandatory?

The DNI is one of the most important documents we have in the world. There are some things we should know about them.

From what age can the DNI be made and when is it mandatory?

The DNI is mandatory in Spain from the age of 14 but we can do it much earlier if we want.

How to get the permanent password of the electronic DNI

If you have an electronic ID, you can easily carry out online procedures if you also activate a permanent password.

Can I be fined for not carrying my DNI?

The false that we can be mutated by not carrying the ID on us if an agent asks us for it on the street, but it is advisable to take it with us

The photographs of the new DNI unleash controversy

The photographers of half the country will lose one of their sources of income, the DNI photos. The ritual of going to the hairdresser is over.

This will be the new app to carry your ID on your mobile

The European Union is preparing to launch a common app that, among other things, will allow you to carry your ID on your mobile.


Family: Anne Heche will probably not survive the accident

The US actress crashed into a house at high speed – after the crash, her car caught fire. Heche's family is now examining whether their organs can be donated. That was Heche's wish.

Arctic warming almost four times faster than global

Climate change is clearly noticeable in the Arctic - even more than in other regions of the world. This has to do with polar amplification, write researchers in a study.

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