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From what age can the DNI be made and when is it mandatory?

The DNI is our national identity document. A document that the police can request from us at any time so it is advisable to always carry it with you, but since when can we get a DNI? And above all , from what age is the DNI mandatory? We resolve these issues below.

From what age can the DNI be made and from when is it mandatory?

It is often thought that any person of legal age must have their DNI and also in order, that is, that it is not expired , but the truth is that in our country, the mandatory age for the DNI is from 14 years for all those residents in Spain, as well as for foreign residents who spend more than six months in our country.

However, it is usually recommended that children who are under 14 years of age also have their DNI since, among other things, it will help them travel without problem throughout the European Union.

But what if we don’t have it and we are already 14 years old? Well, in case the police request it and we do not take it or we do not have it, they will surely warn us that we have to do it without being punished . However, if we refuse to show the DNI, they could take us to the police station to identify us.

And the minimum age to be able to get the DNI?

As for the minimum age to get a DNI, the truth is that it does not exist . In fact, it will be enough to present the baby’s birth certificate to be able to make him his first ID if we want or if we are excited. However, it is seldom done if we take into account that living in Spain and without having to travel we are not going to use it much and that in addition, to give a baby a DNI it is necessary that in the photo they come out with their head straight. that if it is a newborn it can be somewhat complicated to take the photo so that perhaps it is a better option to wait a little.

In this way, when we go to make the first DNI of our son or daughter we will need to bring the aforementioned birth certificate, a passport-size color photo, the registration certificate and pay the fees.

Together with the child, their parents or legal guardians must also be present, each with their ID.

How long does the DNI last?

When children are under 5 years of age, the DNI is valid for two years from when it is issued. Between the ages of 5 and 30, the DNI is valid for 5 years. From 30 to 70, it expires at 10 years , while for those over 70 it no longer expires.

Curiosities about the DNI: from what age is it mandatory?

The DNI is one of the most important documents we have in the world. There are some things we should know about them.

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Can I be fined for not carrying my DNI?

The false that we can be mutated by not carrying the ID on us if an agent asks us for it on the street, but it is advisable to take it with us

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