FunCuriosities about the DNI: from what age is it...

Curiosities about the DNI: from what age is it mandatory?

The National Identity Document (DNI) is the document that identifies us all in Spain and that collects personal and life information of any person. This document is not mandatory to carry, but we do have to carry it if an agent of the authority demands it from us on the street. If not, they could consider it a foul and we could even end up in police stations.

The minimum and mandatory age to have a DNI in Spain is 14 years old. If someone over this age does not have a National Identity Document, they could be sanctioned. This also occurs for foreign residents who reside in our country for a period of more than six months.

Although the minimum age to have a mandatory DNI is 14 years old, the authorities recommend that minors of this age also already have the document since it will allow them, among many other things, to be identified at all times in addition to being able to travel throughout the Union European without problems.

Validity and minimum age for the DNI

As we say, from the age of 14 we must have the DNI in order at all times . But with this, there is no minimum age to have a National Identity Document, and it can be done at any time, as long as the child can have a photo taken according to the characteristics required by the Police to obtain the document.

For the first time, you only need to deliver a valid birth certificate, a color passport photo, and the registration certificate, in addition to paying the corresponding fees for it to be issued. The person for whom the DNI is made must be present at the time of issuance, as well as their parents or legal guardians in the case of being a minor.

It is important to know that, for people under 5 years of age, the identity card must be renewed every 2 years. However, people between 5 and 30 years old will have to renew their National Identity Document every 5 years.

From 30 years of age, the renewal of the same lasts until 10 years and until the age of 70 years . From this age, 70 years, the DNI is not mandatory to renew it, unless it deteriorates or is lost, we will have to request a new one at the nearest Higher Police Headquarters.

In addition, the DNI in Spain must be in the Spanish language, and you cannot request another language. Only in regions with more than one official language, the card is presented in both languages.

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