More video games for your cell phone: Microsoft is already preparing a "Mobile Xbox" platform

Mobile games are some of the most popular downloads in the app stores, so it's no surprise that Microsoft wants to participate in this market.

Video games come to BMW after an alliance with AirConsole

The automaker will begin offering video games that can run on its lineup of vehicles starting next year.

Nine mistakes that parents make when we play with our children

The game is a basic pillar in childhood; essential for children to grow up happily, learn and develop in an integral way. We must promote play from the time our children are babies, and continue to do so for as long as possible, given its countless benefits.

13 ideas for fun games and activities to stimulate children with ASD

Does your child, or student, have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and you have trouble finding activities to stimulate them that are fun?

Games and activities to stimulate the development of children from 1 to 2 years old

Around one year of age, children begin to stand up and take their first steps, and with this great developmental milestone, they become more independent when it comes to moving and exploring.

Games and activities to stimulate the development of babies from 6 to 12 months

Babies from 6 to 12 months are in the process of development, and we know that at this age they are actively developing their executive functions and self-regulation.

Games and activities to stimulate the development of babies from 0 to 6 months

The development of the baby is spectacular during the first months of life (although it always is, during these months it is even more impressive). And it is that during their first year they are already able to play, explore and experience the world.

Seven games to improve children's self-esteem

Self-esteem is defined as the value we make of ourselves, but it goes much further; It also encompasses the way we treat, admire and love each other. It encompasses perceptions, beliefs, thoughts, behaviors, and attitudes.


Schedules of the Valencia GP of MotoGP in Cheste and how to see it

The Cheste circuit hosts this weekend, from November 4 to 6, the 2022 MotoGP Comunitat Valenciana GP. See the schedules and all the information.

"Don't talk to me!": Danni Büchner makes a clear announcement to hated party guests

Danni Büchner is invited to Sam Dylan's Halloween party. But the "Goodbye Germany" emigrant has no desire for many other party guests. And find clear words.

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