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Games and activities to stimulate the development of babies from 0 to 6 months

The development of the baby is spectacular during the first months of life (although it always is, during these months it is even more impressive). And it is that during their first year they are already able to play, explore and experience the world.

If you want to accompany your baby in this growth and development, in this article we bring you a variety of games and activities, designed to stimulate their development during the first six months of life .

As you will see, they are intended to enhance their sensorimotor development, that is, to stimulate the different senses, and also motor skills, all linked to brain development.

Games and activities to stimulate the development of babies from 0 to 6 months

Do not miss our brief guide with various activities to stimulate the different senses of babies:

songs with movement

Music is life! That is why we encourage you to try this simple game, which consists of gently rocking the baby while we sing to him or recite something to him. By doing so, we are stimulating their sensorimotor development , through the movement and rhythm that music provides.

It can be a short activity, lasting a couple of minutes, that we can repeat several times during the day. Repeating it is key because the little one will get used to it and will be able to anticipate your movements when you start rocking it.

massaging the baby

Massage can favor the sensory development of babies, since through it we stimulate the largest organ of the human body, which is the skin. You can take advantage of the moment after the bath , or before the nap, to give your baby a massage.

Natural baby-safe oils can also help you massage your arms, legs, and back for a few minutes. It’s time to pay attention to your reactions; maybe he laughs? Relax? What does his facial gesture say? Take a look at these details.

story time

Although it seems a bit “early” to read stories to babies between 0 and 6 months, it is not at all. The truth is that, from birth, children can delight in the voice of their parents .

This activity is a way of promoting their attention and it is also a good way to promote the ritual of reading before going to sleep , for example, taking advantage of the moment so that the baby relaxes.

In addition, you have the option of using tactile books, with which they will enjoy the pleasure of discovering and touching new textures.

moving a toy

It involves placing a toy in front of the baby (for example, a ball, a rattle…) and encouraging him to stretch his arms to reach it, moving the object. You can repeat the activity during the day, making it short, about a minute.

gym with toys

This activity consists of a gym with toys that the baby can reach and push with his hand , ideal for stimulating his senses.

In stores you will find a wide variety of this type of soft and cuddly gyms, with different colors, shapes and sizes.

Place him face down for a few minutes a day

Another action you can do to stimulate your baby is to place him on his stomach for a few minutes a day, a position that strengthens the muscles of his back and neck.

In this Babies and more article we tell you more about the benefits of this practice and how to carry it out safely.

stuffed animals to hang

Another game that babies may like are hanging stuffed animals, as they are entertaining and you can choose the ones they like the most. In addition, being soft they can become their attachment toy.


This game will consist of placing the baby face up; his feet will be in the hands of the father or mother, who will play at making circular movements with their legs.

It is a moment of exchange with our son, which will help us to connect with him and favor his motor and sensory development. In addition, it can be a fun activity for him, and with the awareness of his body and how he can enjoy it.

Activating hearing

This practice is meant to stimulate your baby’s hearing but also other skills.

It is simply a matter of looking at him and talking to him while he is eating (or doing another activity, such as sleeping) to get his attention. You can also try shaking the rattle in front of him, behind him, to the side… thus guiding his attention and the direction of his gaze.

What toys do we choose?

When it comes to stimulating our baby’s development, and as we have seen, we can use different toys (or not; we can also use our own body, for example). But, how to choose if we opt for some type of toy?

Stimulating the different senses

Depending on our purpose, we will choose some toys or others to stimulate our baby. For example, if we want to stimulate our baby ‘s sense of sight , we will choose toys with striking and bright colors, ideally: red, green, orange, blue, yellow and hot pink.

We can also opt for toys that make lights, but not too strong or intense. On the other hand, more than the type of toy, which also matters, it is important how we use those toys.

To stimulate the development of the baby from 0 to 6 months, the ideal is that we use toys that we can move in front of him, with the aim that he wants to get them. Other ideas; place a mobile object on top of the crib to stimulate their senses.

And if our purpose is to stimulate auditory development, we can opt for musical toys, such as a rattle.

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