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'Without total and permanent opening, normality will not return to Buenaventura': Asonav

Diversion of goods to international ports and suspension of reservations are among the consequences of the blockades that worry shipping companies.

BAFTA Awards 2010. Nominees

One more year the British Academy of Film And Television Arts, which in Spanish would be the British Academy of Film and Television and which is also known for ...


Henipavirus Langya (LayV), the new virus of animal origin detected in China

A scientific study in the New England Journal of Medicine revealed the detection, in two Chinese provinces, of 35 infections in humans of a new virus of animal origin of the Henipavirus type.

#InPhotos l How do you fight the fire in a fuel warehouse in Cuba?

The crew of a Mexican helicopter that flew over the fire at a fuel storage base in Matanzas on Wednesday reported that the fire is beginning to be controlled.

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When many eyes twitch in the night

Jumping spiders also dream quite vividly

After a serious accident: US actress Anne Heche dies

US actress Anne Heche dies at the age of 53. She was in a coma after a car accident on Friday (5 August).