Child (4) falls from a tree: ambulance service brings it to the hospital

A young boy falls from a tree in Kahl am Main near Hanau. He injured himself badly in the process.

Dispute in the supermarket escalates: four injured and one arrest

A dispute in a supermarket in Hanau escalates completely. Four men are injured, one man ends in an arrest. The police are investigating.

Hanau attack: Federal prosecutor's office closes investigations

The Federal Prosecutor's Office has closed the investigation against unknown persons in connection with the Hanau attack. There are no indications of accomplices or accomplices of the assassin Tobias R.

Fatal accident: man is hit by regional train

Fatal accident at the main train station in Hanau: a man was apparently on a service route on the tracks. Shortly afterwards, a regional train caught him.

Police ask for clues: Where is Tom Massoth from Hanau?

A young man is missing in Hanau. The police are now hoping for clues from the population. Personal description published.

Trial of killed boy: mother rejects allegations

The prosecutor's office accuses a 60-year-old of having murdered her son many years ago for low motives. Now the woman has commented on it.

Missing! Police are looking for William Musoke Jablonski – he is disoriented

In Bad Orb near Hanau, a man disappears from a residential facility. The police asked the population for help in finding the missing person.

Activists are naming the place after George Floyd – many believe the action has failed

In Stuttgart, activists have put up a sign with the name of George Floyds on the busy Erwin-Schoettle-Platz. Some consider the action to be a failure.


Schedules of the Valencia GP of MotoGP in Cheste and how to see it

The Cheste circuit hosts this weekend, from November 4 to 6, the 2022 MotoGP Comunitat Valenciana GP. See the schedules and all the information.

"Don't talk to me!": Danni Büchner makes a clear announcement to hated party guests

Danni Büchner is invited to Sam Dylan's Halloween party. But the "Goodbye Germany" emigrant has no desire for many other party guests. And find clear words.

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