NewsTrial of killed boy: mother rejects allegations

Trial of killed boy: mother rejects allegations

The prosecutor’s office accuses a 60-year-old of having murdered her son many years ago for low motives. Now the woman has commented on it.

Hanau – In a trial for the violent death of a four-year-old boy, the mother, who was accused of murder, dismissed the allegations before the Hanau district court.

In a prepared manuscript that the 60-year-old read out on Monday – the second day of the trial – she completely ruled out that she had forcibly put her son in a sack and tied it up.

The public prosecutor’s office accuses the woman of murdering her son on August 17, 1988 for low motives. The German is said to have put the boy in a sack, tied it up and placed it in the care of an alleged sect leader. The child is said to have passed out and choked on his vomit.

The defendant said she was always sure that the other woman had the best of intentions. It had never occurred to her that she wanted her son bad, least of all that she wanted his life to be killed. Her son was a desired child that she loved. At the same time, she explained: “As a mother, I was sometimes desperate and overwhelmed.”

According to the indictment, the now 74-year-old alleged sect leader is said to have persuaded the mother that her son was the “reincarnation of Hitler, a power sadist and possessed by the dark” and also prophesied that the boy would soon be taken by “the old man” – a term for God in the community.

The public prosecutor assumes that the mother knew that the alleged sect leader had tried to kill her child. The now 60-year-old was also aware that the now 74-year-old would let the boy die in order to confirm her prediction and thus strengthen her position of power. With that the mother accepted the death of the little boy approvingly.

The alleged sect leader was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Hanau district court about a year ago for the murder of the child. Since she has appealed against the judgment, which has not yet been decided, it is not final. dpa

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