Last Minute: Iberia joins forces with Viva Aerobus to offer connecting flights in Mexico

Customers of the Spanish airline traveling on the Madrid-Mexico City route will be able to take advantage of the network of domestic destinations that Viva offers from the country's capital on connecting flights.

Iberia boosts its reactivation in Latin America with a focus on Mexico

The lifting of EU restrictions has motivated the Spanish airline to increase its flights to the country for the summer with up to 14 weekly frequencies.


Inflation and return to offices hit 'healthy foods'

The high prices of goods and services and the return to normality erase the advances in healthier eating changes that were generated during the pandemic.

Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds and Co.: These are the most expensive dog breeds

Dogs are among the most popular pets in Germany. But depending on the breed, a dog's life can be quite expensive.

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Evolution of the automotive world: towards a new transport model

Decarbonization will boost green development, as well as the potential applications of ICTs in various key industries at the beginning of the new decade, points out César Funes.