Innovative drugs arrive with a dropper

The reflex and the consequence of the delay are suffered by specific diseases such as cancer. The longer the delay, the more chance of death.

Goodbye to pain!

Cannabis, artificial intelligence, gene therapy and optogenetics could be solutions of the future to treat chronic pain suffered by 20% of the population

New study shows rats can make friends

According to new research, male rats do not associate with other rats at random, but instead seek out their preferred cage mates and actively avoid others.

Light pollution affects the orientation of animals

Many animals depend on the stars as a compass for orientation and guidance.

Scientists have discovered how otters stay warm

According to this research, otters have a unique energy-energy conversion system by which muscle tissue filters large amounts of heat throughout the body.

Do you know how bees see?

According to various investigations, bees and bumblebees can perceive colors that are invisible to us, such as those produced by reflected ultraviolet radiation.

Migratory animals carry more parasites

Scientists have been able to conclude that migratory animals have a higher burden of parasites. However, just because they have more parasites does not mean they are sicker.

Manatees are dying in record numbers in Florida

Numerous groups of manatees are dying in Florida primarily due to starvation. This is stated in a report published by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.


Workers filming Alec Baldwin's film denounced the lack of security that day

Workers filming Alec Baldwin's film denounced the lack of security that day

Heike Makatsch investigates in the "crime scene"

In her third case, Heike Makatsch, as "Tatort" commissioner Berlinger, has to do with a blind law student and a decadent young couple. But it is also about the single investigator herself.

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Wild visit: when the fox is in the garden

More and more foxes roam the gardens. Experts explain what to look out for and appeal: do not feed wild animals.

Nationwide incidence jumps over 100 for the first time since May – thousands of new corona infections reported again

For the first time since May, the nationwide incidence jumped the value of 100. Over 15,000 new corona infections were reported within one day.