La Palma eruption

They detect 'potentially lethal' gases in the La Palma volcano

Even a team of scientists from Involcan have had to leave the area of the eruption for this reason.

La Palma volcano: scientists predict the longest eruption in 500 years

The seismicity has increased in the last hours and new emission sources have been opened in the Canarian volcano.

Will the maps of La Palma have to be changed after the eruption?

With the volcano still erupting, the cartography that is being drawn up is what is called “emergency maps” that allow decisions related to civil protection to be made.

La Palma volcano: the new lava flows seen from space

The collapse of the north face has generated new lava flows.

The cone of the La Palma volcano, closer than ever

The lava from the La Palma volcano already exceeds 1.2 kilometers in maximum width and affects more than 420 hectares.

The lava delta on La Palma, seen from a drone

The eruption of the volcano is changing the shape of the island: the lava delta already occupies an area of 36 hectares.

The path of the lava flow, seen from a drone

This video shows the route of the lava flow of the Cumbre Vieja volcano from the air. Impressive!

Lava reaches the sea: this is how it looks in 3D from space

The eruption has generated a lava delta about 500 meters wide upon reaching the sea on La Palma.


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