13 inconsistencies that parents make when educating and that confuse our children

Parents are the mirror in which our children look at themselves, so much of the learning they acquire throughout childhood is by imitation. That is why it is so important to accompany our words with our actions, and be consistent with what we expect of our people and the example we give them.

My son was doing well at school and now he gets bad grades: what could be behind

Your son has always gotten good grades... maybe even been an exemplary student, and suddenly, he starts coming home with failing grades. What could this change be due to? Why are you getting these bad grades all of a sudden?

How to encourage reflection in children?

Thinking is something natural, human, that differentiates us from other animals. We all think, but do we think well? Do we think adaptively? The capacity for reflection is something that is gradually acquired over the years.

My son does not want to study: how to manage the issue?

Does your son say he doesn't want to study and this worries you? Have you detected that there is a great demotivation in him when it comes to studying? The truth is that there are children who like to learn, but not study (they are different things), and that it is a fairly common phenomenon that it is logical that we worry.

How to help children concentrate to study better

It's home study time, and some kids have a hard time getting on, or staying focused on homework. Lack of motivation, difficulties concentrating, mental dispersion, lack of habits and routines... the causes are multiple.

Discovery learning in children: what it is and how to promote it

Discovery learning was proposed by the American psychologist Jerome Bruner (1915-2016), who spent his entire career studying how children learn.

Significant learning in children: what it is and how to promote it

Learning is a lifelong process, although during the first years of life, this is especially important. All children learn in a unique way (there are multiple ways of learning), and that is why it is so important to adapt to each one of them.

What is experiential learning and how to promote it?

What does it mean to learn? Do you think children learn best by directly experimenting with reality, or through memorizing things?


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