March 2021

Colombian imports grew 37.5% in March 2021

Between January and March of this year, Colombian imports totaled US $ 12,661 million.

Manufacturing industry production increased 20.7% in March 2021

For the first quarter of 2021, in the national total, the real production of the manufacturing industry increased 6.2%.


Alec Baldwin shoots camerawoman – Now the husband of Hutchins says: "There are no words"

A camerawoman dies while filming the western "Rust". According to police, a prop gun was fired by movie star Alec Baldwin. The husband expresses himself.

Change from summer to winter time – when is the clock turned?

The clocks in Germany are changed every year. But when and how exactly does the change to winter time take place? An overview.

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Winter 2021: Polar vortex split is approaching – Germany threatens Arctic cold

The polar vortex determines how the winter weather will be in Germany. According to experts, this could cause Arctic cold and a lot of snow through a split.

Why are there only blinds in Spain?

Our Arab roots seem to be the reason why we have blinds in Spain. So let's see why we have this tradition.