I'm pregnant and I'm not hungry: why is that and what can I do?

Although during pregnancy it is common to feel more hungry than usual due to the energy expenditure that is taking place, some women may experience just the opposite, and see their appetite reduced considerably.

The Queen's Jubilee Cookbook

In the past, there was only fish and chips to go, write Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla in the foreword. They are very grateful for the change brought about by international influences.

What are the cheeses you can eat (and which ones you should avoid) if you are pregnant

During pregnancy we must make certain changes and adjustments in our routine and lifestyle, since the needs of our body change to adapt to the new life in gestation.

Obesity: It is not solved only with diet and exercise

One of the biggest science (and society) missteps of our time is arguably our poor understanding of obesity.

3 curiosities that you did not know about legumes

The large family of legumes is known for its nutritional quality, but also for its role in ecosystems, for its diversity... and for flatulence

Schokofest Christmas, chocolate country Germany

Germany and Switzerland are considered by statisticians to be the chocolate countries par excellence. Why actually? And what did Corona do in terms of chocolate?

Cow's milk: myths, advantages and disadvantages

Cow's milk is one of the drinks that provides us with the most vitamins and nutrients, although it should also be consumed with concern.

When the nausea of the first months of pregnancy barely allows you to eat and you have a terrible time

When you find out that you are pregnant, the first thing you usually do is embark on the ocean of information that exists about everything you should do during that period in which you are gestating the life of your baby: the ideal diet for pregnant women, exercises to find you perfect, the yoga postures that will help you in labor ...


The AIFA closes April with an average of just over 1,100 daily passengers

The new airport served 34,981 passengers in the month, with the highest traffic recorded going to Cancún and Mérida. However, other routes such as to Villahermosa remained in decline.

A sustainable vision is key in the organizational strategy

Companies like Enel stand out for accompanying their clients to adopt a new approach, find solutions tailored to their objectives and integrate sustainability into their value chain.

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Call: Responsible Companies 2022

Expansión and the Schulich School of Business look for companies with the best ESG practices.

These are the most terrible explosions in the universe since the Big Bang

the Gamma Ray Burst or gamma ray burst (GRB) and the FRB or Fast Radio Burst or fast radio burst, are the most energetic explosions in the universe since the Big Bang