USA: Police fire deadly shots at teenager – "He never had a chance"

Two police officers in Philadelphia (USA) open fire on a boy who is said to be armed. The fatal bullet hits him in the back as he tries to escape.

Ignited at the Christmas tree: possible cause of house fire

A fire in a Philadelphia apartment building on Wednesday killed twelve people, including eight children. According to one report, a five-year-old was said to have played with fire around the Christmas tree.

Fire department: Twelve dead in house fire in Philadelphia

At first there was talk of at least 13 deaths. Now the fire brigade has corrected the information.

At least 13 dead in Philadelphia house fire

According to fire department reports, at least 13 people, including seven children, died in a devastating fire in the US state of Pennsylvania. None of the smoke alarms should have worked.

Philadelphia gay pride

Philadelphia, one of America's most politically progressive and LGBT-friendly cities, hosts its pride parade and festival

Philadelphia Zoo elephant exhibit to close

On October 5, 2006, the Philadelphia Zoo announced its decision to close its elephant exhibit for spring 2007 and transfer its four

National treasure: Hollywood movie unleashes a real-life adventure

Treasure hunters pay attention; riches await those who break the code. For Nicolas Cage, star of the film, National Treasure, that

Getting to Philadelphia by train, car, bus, or plane

When heading to Philadelphia, travelers have a wide range of options to get to The City of Brotherly Love. The location on the east coast


Alfasigma Mexico, a Super Company committed to its collaborators

Vincenzo D'Elia, general director of Alfasigma Mexico, explains how they have faced the pandemic and the support that collaborators have received.

Apple increases the minimum wage for its workers to 435 pesos per hour

The increase in the minimum wage of its workers refers to 45% more than the 2018 levels.

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Constitutional Court: Many children must be relieved in long-term care insurance

The number of children must be taken into account in the long-term care insurance. This has been decided by the Federal Constitutional Court.

The Dardenne brothers with Tori and Lokita in Cannes

Brothers Pierre and Luc DArdenne have already won the Palme d'Or in Cannes twice. Will the Belgians manage the hat-trick this year?