NewsUSA: Police fire deadly shots at teenager – "He...

USA: Police fire deadly shots at teenager – "He never had a chance"

Two police officers in Philadelphia (USA) open fire on a boy who is said to be armed. The fatal bullet hits him in the back as he tries to escape.

Philadelphia – On Tuesday evening (03/02/2022) there was a tragedy in the big city in the USA: A seventh grader died from a fatal gunshot wound inflicted by two police officers. According to a report by The Daily Beast, police officers arrived at the scene around 7:20 p.m. local time to investigate. They were traveling in civilian clothes, and the officers’ vehicle was also not an obvious police car. Police said they were looking for someone they wanted to interview as part of their investigation.

12-year-old Thomas Siderio and a 17-year-old were standing on the corner, Siderio was carrying a handgun. When the officers turned on their blue lights, a shot was fired at their company car. The projectile broke through the rear window and hit the passenger seat. Two of the officers then opened fire on the two boys; they fled, according to the article in The Daily Beast. One of the police officers hit Thomas Siderio in the back. The bullet went through the boy’s chest and exited through his chest.

Links ist ein Porträt von Siderio zu sehen. Rechts das Fenster des Polizeiwagens mit Einschussloch im Fenster.


12-year-old Thomas Siderio was carrying a handgun. This has not yet been confirmed.

USA – Philadelphia: Police fire deadly shots at 12-year-olds

In a press conference on Wednesday (March 2nd, 2022), Chief Inspector Benjamin Naish admitted, according to the Daily Beast, that it has not yet been established that the initial shot at the officers was actually fired by the 12-year-old. Naish was also unable to say whether officers asked Thomas Siderio to stop or lay down his gun before opening fire. The police officers also did not wear body cameras, as is usually the case in the United States. Since the officers were not fully uniformed, this was not mandatory.

However, footage from surveillance cameras at the scene, which was made public by ABC News Philadelphia, among others, makes it possible to hear the exchange of gunfire—with an initial shot and four more shots shortly thereafter—but the shooters cannot be identified. The reaction of the officials in the moments after Siderio was wounded was also captured by another camera: They frantically pace back and forth, one of them holding his hand to his head in apparent desperation.

USA – Police violence: Philadelphia mourns boy who ‘never had a chance’

The wounded Siderio was then transported to a hospital, where his death was pronounced at 7:29 p.m. A family friend, Brittany Golden, told The Daily Beast Thomas didn’t have it easy. After his father went to prison, he passed through the care of several families. In 2020 he left his place of residence. “He just wanted someone to take care of him,” says Golden.

Another friend said: “It was difficult for him from the start. He never had a chance.” She actually heard of a gun that was in his possession. He wanted to brag about it. According to the Daily Beast, Thomas’ 17-year-old companion was briefly detained but was quickly released.

The incident will now be processed internally; the two officers involved in the fatal exchange of fire were suspended. Siderio’s school held a silent memorial service in his honor and offered grief counseling and support. Police violence is a recurring problem in the United States. (n / A)

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