CityScape in Downtown Phoenix – Map and Directions

CityScape Phoenix is a downtown Phoenix development with shopping, dining, and entertainment. It's basically where Patriot's used to be

Phoenix Convention Center Map

Phoenix Convention Center is a large facility, expanded in 2008 to triple its original size. It has inside the largest ballroom in the state and

Phoenix School Zone speed limits

In 1950, Phoenix, Arizona, was the first city in the country to establish 15 mph zones around schools. While these have been effective in

Queen Creek Holiday Parade and Festival 2016

Families in the City of Queen Creek will celebrate the start of the holiday season with the Queen Creek Festival and Party Parade. The event is

photographic radar

Those who can give up essential freedom to gain a little temporary security deserve neither freedom nor security. ---Benjamin Franklin

Ten things you should know about concerts at the Arizona State Fair

This year's Arizona State Fair lasts just over two weeks. After eating a fried Caesar salad or a cucumber dipped in chocolate, it is possible

Minimum wage in Arizona

If you are thinking about moving to Arizona and could get a minimum wage job, knowing what to expect from local employers can help you

Homeplate for Goodyear Holidays 2016

Goodyear, Arizona, in the West Valley, celebrates the opening of the holiday season with Homeplate for the Holidays. Homeplate for the Holidays replaced the event


25th Dresden Elbe Swim with record

The weather was warm and summery, ideal conditions for swimming in the Elbe in Dresden.

Dead vaccinator Kellermayr: memorial desecrated – eyewitness films crime

Mourners set up a memorial for the deceased vaccinator Lisa-Maria Kellermayr. This was destroyed by a woman on Saturday morning.

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"That he remains full of hope": Anna Ermakova suffers from the arrest of father Boris Becker

Anna Ermakova, Boris Becker's daughter, seems to miss her father. She hopes for his early release from prison.

Hamilton celebrates the "enormous" thing about beating the Ferraris in Hungary

Lewis Hamilton says beating both Ferrari cars was a "huge" result for Mercedes in Hungary after their struggles earlier in the year.