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Ten things you should know about concerts at the Arizona State Fair

This year’s Arizona State Fair lasts just over two weeks. After eating a fried Caesar salad or chocolate dipped cucumber, you may want to attend one of the many popular Arizona State Fair concerts. Here are ten things to know about attending concerts at the Arizona State Fair.

  1. Concerts are included with your admission to the Arizona State Fair. There is no extra charge. That is big business!
  2. Concerts take place at the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum. For those who have lived in the Phoenix area for a while, that used to be the Purple Palace where the Phoenix Suns originally played, and where the Phoenix Roadrunners played ice hockey. It is not in good shape now, although it is certainly sufficient for free concerts! The acoustics are not great and don’t expect to see great special effects here.
  1. Each year the organizers of the Arizona State Fair attempt to offer a wide spectrum of concert genres. Concerts will include rock, country, Latin, rap, R&B, heavy metal bands, and performers. Sometimes comedians will be scheduled. Assist some, serve all.
  2. If you want to secure a seat near the front or on the center floor of the stadium, you can buy reserved seats at a very reasonable price. Reserved seat tickets generally cost less than $ 25 each. They can be purchased in advance or at the Fair box office.
  1. The seats on the floor are not that special. In the stands, the seats are stadium-style, so you can see almost anyone sitting in front of you. Sure, in the side sections you have to turn your head to the stage.
  2. Entry for the general admission seats is on the second level. It is a ramp entrance, making it wheelchair accessible. The entrance to the main level (reserved tickets) involves stairs; be forewarned
  3. In most cases, the concerts don’t sell out, although there are usually one or two exceptions each year for super popular bands. For that reason, you will find that there is no reason to line up or get to the Colosseum too early. Most people take their seats about 15 minutes before concert time. Don’t be surprised if the concert starts late. For those few shows that are expected to sell out (the box office staff can tell you which ones they are), you may want to arrive half an hour before the scheduled general admission time.
  1. Concerts at the Arizona State Fair generally last 1-1 / 4 to 1-1 / 2 hours. There is no in-between. Concessions are available. There are many bathrooms.
  2. Have the children never been to a live concert? What better way to present the experience to them!
  3. Although some artists may specify different restrictions, photography is allowed, but only without flash. Video or recording devices are not allowed.


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