Earth has reached 'Code Red' in pollution

A new report warns that humanity is 'unequivocally facing a climate emergency'.

They discover that the ancient Mayan cities were contaminated with mercury

The researchers conclude that there is mercury under the soil of the ancient Mayan cities and that this contamination is not modern. The Mayans used it a lot.

They find microplastics in the water that accumulates in the leaves of some plants

For the first time they find microplastics in the water that accumulates in the leaves of a thistle. They believe that they have arrived there from the polluted atmosphere.

Rainwater contains permanent chemical contaminants

It's raining PFAS. Chemicals that can cause cancer are falling in the form of rain across the planet, a new study concludes.

Do rockets pollute too much?

With more and more rockets being launched into space, it is time to consider the impact these launches can have on the environment.

The most polluted rivers in the world

The Ohio River, the Yellow River, the Ganges, the Yangtze or the Citarum, in Indonesia, are considered the rivers with the highest amount of pollutants in the world, and those that contribute the most to global change

The least polluted cities in the world

Which cities have the cleanest air on the planet?

Babies are 25 percent more likely to be born with low birth weight if they are born in areas with high pollution

The oxygen contaminants that the mother breathes also reach the baby through the blood of the umbilical cord. Therefore, the quality of air that the pregnant woman breathes while a new being is growing inside her will have a lot to do with its development.


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