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Stretch marks in pregnancy: why do they appear and how can we prevent them?

During pregnancy, a series of hormonal changes take place that can affect the skin, making it more sensitive, irritable and more prone to acne. To this is added, in addition, a greater propensity to chloasma (sun spots) and the appearance of stretch marks as gestation progresses.

11 shampoos for oily hair ideal to use during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of many hormonal changes that are also manifested through the hair and skin. Generally, there is a greater secretion of sebum, so the hair feels more greasy and matted, so it is advisable to change the shampoo. However, your choice cannot be made lightly, as many formulas include menthol, an ingredient that should not be used continuously at this time, as it has not been proven safe during pregnancy.

Face and body skin care in pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful times that I have lived, but also the most complicated at the level of the state of the skin. During that time, it generally goes through several phases thanks to the hormone revolution that we experience -which causes the skin to alter a lot-, although it is usually temporary and everything returns to normal (at least until postpartum).

How to care for hair in pregnancy to prevent postpartum loss

During pregnancy, hair goes through several states: generally at the beginning it looks drier and more brittle, but from the second trimester you begin to notice an increase in growing hair follicles, so hair loss stops almost completely. and this one looks stronger and prettier. It is a time of many changes at the hormonal level, so we must try to take care of it to avoid (as far as possible), a very pronounced drop in the postpartum.


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