From January 6 to 10, Aeroméxico canceled 260 flights, reports Profeco

The head of Profeco, Ricardo Sheffield, indicated that in this situation only 103 consultancies were provided, 18 immediate conciliations and eight formal complaints.

The worst and best table chocolates, according to Profeco

According to El Consumidor Magazine, the bitter table chocolate that contains more cocoa and less sugar is Moctezuma Uruapan Premium.

Are air fryers really recommendable? This says Profeco

Profeco analyzed 11 different models of the fashionable appliance to verify if they really deliver what they promise.

Mitsubishi calls to review nearly 40,000 cars for failures

Profeco and the company warned about various failures in the different models of the Japanese brand.

Do you buy flavored milk? These are the brands with excess fat and sugar

The Federal Consumer Prosecutor's Office conducted a study of 32 dairy products and found that a large part of the products exceed the recommended standards.


The government expropriated my house and my land, what am I entitled to?

The Expropriation Law establishes the causes of public utility and regulates the procedures, modalities and execution of expropriations.

"Fucks off": "Bauer sucht Frau" star Antonia Hemmer annoyed by Patrick's drinking sprees

Patrick Romer likes to pop the corks. The "Bauer sucht Frau" star makes no big secret of this. His wild party gets on the nerves of girlfriend Antonia Hemmer, as she reveals to her fans.

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There are no more 'Ducati circuits' in MotoGP, says Miller

Jack Miller considers that the idea that a specific circuit is better suited to Ducati bikes than to other MotoGP brands is 'something of the past'.

Forest fires in Saxony continue to rage

There is still no real relaxation in sight of the forest fires in Saxon Switzerland, Brandenburg and the Czech Republic. The hoped-for longer lasting rain failed to materialize everywhere by Sunday afternoon.