Real state development

Real estate crisis in China, should the world worry?

To reduce the debts of the sector, China toughened in 2021 the conditions of access to credit for developers, cutting off a financing channel. And it triggered a wave of defaults.

Chinese real estate giant Evergrande fires its top executives

These exits come as the company is in desperate need of liquidity, fighting for its survival and trying to close a restructuring deal for its debt, estimated at some $300 billion.

FUNO says goodbye to the pandemic and records record income in 10 years

They canceled the Covid-19 support reservations after reporting 92.6% occupancy of their properties.

YUPIX: the synergy between the metaverse and the real estate industry

The newly created company has had unprecedented success in the luxury real estate sector, offering a state-of-the-art sensory experience thanks to virtual reality.

Funo “harvests” its properties and generates record cash flow

He foresees a series of rising revenues in the following year due to the start-up of Tepozpark, Mitikah, Satélite, Tapachula and GVO.

The Haus, the business of Rodrigo Sánchez Ríos that shone in the pandemic

For the entrepreneur, the key is to have a good team and listen to the consumer. These two elements led him to create a proptech that, in one year, achieved the growth of a decade.


Explosion in Armenia: death toll rises to six

Apparently, a camp of firecrackers blew up. A gas line is said to have exploded as a result.

Oliver Pocher's wife Amira is addicted to shopping: "Even if I don't want to admit it to myself"

Oliver Pocher's wife Amira Pocher is addicted to shopping. The 29-year-old influencer confessed to her 937,000 followers on Instagram on Friday. Literally: "Even if I don't want to admit it to myself".

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F1 can't risk being like the NFL, according to Wolff

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