My son does not want to study: how to manage the issue?

Does your son say he doesn't want to study and this worries you? Have you detected that there is a great demotivation in him when it comes to studying? The truth is that there are children who like to learn, but not study (they are different things), and that it is a fairly common phenomenon that it is logical that we worry.

For Google there is no 'new normal' in education

For technology, the new reality in schools around the world will be different and that is why it continues to update its platforms focused on education.

Should children return to face-to-face classes?

The ideal would be that we return to classes gradually, in staggered days, having the essential activities at school and the others from home, considers Eva Selene Hernández Gress.

An unexpected return to school

Those who during the pandemic have learned less or have forgotten more previous learning will have a harder time continuing their education or entering the job market, says Fátima Masse.


Terrible explosions in Armenia's capital: three people dead – dozens injured, many missing

Armenia's capital Yerevan was rocked by multiple explosions. At least three people died.

Weather in Hesse: Midsummer takes a break – thunderstorms are brewing

After sunny summer days, there may be showers and thunderstorms in Hesse in the coming week. The weather developments at a glance.

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