Fear of public speaking in children and adolescents: how to help them

Speaking in public can be very difficult for some children, and not all are equally extroverted; some can express themselves easily in front of others and others not so much.

How to encourage teamwork in children and why it is positive to do so

Educating our children is a complex task that demands more and more skills from us to be able to teach the little ones all the necessary tools for their future.

Five things that parents can do to promote the social development of our children

Social development is the process by which the child learns to interact with those around him, from his reference persons with whom he establishes attachment when he is a baby, to his friends or peers, going through the complex network that makes up the society in which he lives.

The egocentric stage in children: what it is and how it evolves

You've probably heard of the egocentric stage in early childhood. It is a completely normal evolutionary stage and necessary for the subsequent social and affective development of the child.

How to help your child manage peer pressure

As social beings that we are, we want to fit in and be part of groups, to feel valued. For this reason, throughout life, we try to cultivate this feeling of belonging within our social relationships.


Fish deaths on the Oder – "Something never experienced"

Is it the heat - or toxic chemicals that may have been dumped illegally in Wroclaw, Poland? In the Oder the fish are dying en masse. Commercial fishermen are shocked.

Rampage: Defense wants placement in psychiatry

The killing spree in Trier triggered nationwide horror. There are five dead and many injured. Now the trial of the suspected gunman is coming to an end.

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Conspiracy theorists have to pay millions in fines

In 2012, 20 school children were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The statements by right-wing radio host Alex Jones that the massacre was a drama are now costing him a lot of money.

Teen killed by crocodile in Indonesia

A 15-year-old wanted to go fishing with friends in a lake. Suddenly he was caught by a crocodile - the boy lost his life in the attack.