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The ranking of the best destinations to travel alone and two are in Spain

Destinations in Europe, Asia and Latin America among the best to travel alone and have a unique experience.

Discover the impressive pink lake found in Spain

An impressive lake with pink waters attracts tourists from all over the world and the truth is that it is located in Torrevieja (Alicante).

What is the passenger location form to travel abroad?

If you are going to travel abroad or return to Spain from another country, you may have to submit the passenger location form.

The most emblematic towns to enjoy nature this summer

Towns of Alicante or Asturias are some of the best to enjoy nature on your summer holidays.

The most magical places to visit this summer in Andalusia

Take advantage of this summer to visit places in Andalusia such as Ronda, Cabo de Gata or the towns of the Alpujarra.

Summer travel 2021: entry rules in European countries

Countries like Italy or Germany have "relaxed" their restrictions for summer travel tourists thanks to the Covid certificate.


Analysis proves: “era of climatic death” has dawned

Climate change is causing more and more extreme weather phenomena. A new analysis shows the drastic effects of climate change.

Black women who were kind of ahead of their time

In history books they are mostly invisible: black women. A Getty Images collection now features pictures of them - BuzzFeed News was allowed to use them.

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Forest fire in Saxon Switzerland: situation "unchanged tense" – hundreds of emergency services on site

Forest fires in Germany the most important thing in the news ticker: The situation in the Saxon Switzerland National Park and in the neighboring Bohemian Switzerland is still tense. There has also been a fire in Brandenburg for days.

Wildfire in Northern California continues – four dead

In California, an area of 224 square kilometers is burning. More than 1,300 firefighters are fighting the flames. Light rain eases the situation somewhat.