FunDiscover the impressive pink lake found in Spain

Discover the impressive pink lake found in Spain

Many are the places in Spain that deserve to be visited at least once in your life given the spectacularity and the charm and beauty they offer and among all of them, a pink lagoon or lake stands out that we want to talk about next and that you can not lose because it even attracts the curiosity of tourists from all over the world.

This is the impressive pink lake found in Spain

From countries like Italy or France, we recommend a rather unique destination that we have much closer to than you might expect. An amazing place that no tourist wants to miss and that is within our own borders. And what is that destination? Well, it is none other than the Torrevieja lagoon in the province of Alicante where we will be able to find virgin landscapes, flamingos and some “magical” pink waters.

The Torrevieja lagoon and the pink water phenomenon

The pink lagoon that we can find in Torrevieja is located within the Torrevieja Natural Park and is one of the largest salt lakes in Europe . But above all it is one of the few composed entirely of pink waters. An incredible phenomenon is due to the presence of a bacterium that releases a pink substance when found in liquids with a high concentration of salt. And in Torrevieja there are about 350 grams per liter. More or less the same amount that we can find in the Dead Sea.

To make the coloring even more intense, there is also Dunaliella Salina algae, which is also responsible for the release of pink pigments.

In the waters of the lagoon we will not be able to swim so as not to alter the natural ecosystem but we can enjoy a show that no one resists taking a photograph. Especially in the evening hours when the color even tends to fuchsia.

The lake is not the only attraction in the park . By bicycle we can meet wonderful pink flamingos and dozens and dozens of different species of waterfowl .

The properties of air and soil should not be underestimated . The former is rich in iodine and is especially beneficial for those with respiratory problems. The second contains thermal mud that is used to treat muscle and joint pain.

How to get to the pink lagoon of Torrevieja

To get to the Torrevieja Lagoon, you must leave from Alicante. From here we will take the AP-7 motorway and after driving about 60 km we will find ourselves at the entrance of the town. Alternatively we can take advantage of the excellent bus service that connects the two cities in less than an hour.

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