Winston Churchill: the 10 best phrases of the former prime minister of the United Kingdom

Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom between 1940 and 1945 and between 1951 and 1955, was one of the most influential politicians in the history of Europe.

UK Health Minister resigns after kissing and hugging an adviser

Matt Hancock resigned Saturday after being caught violating COVID-19 restrictions by kissing and hugging an assistant in his office.

A bricklayer destroys the house that he himself had renovated

A bricklayer has destroyed the house that he himself had renovated. The reason? The owners did not pay for the works.

Johnson urges caution regarding the reopening of the United Kingdom after 7,800 cases of Covid in one day

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called for caution regarding the UK's reopening plans after the country has registered almost 7,800 new infections in recent hours.

UK: British Brexit Minister David Frost admits they 'underestimated' the economic effects of the breakdown

The UK Government's Minister for Brexit, David Frost, admits that the British Executive "underestimated the effect of the protocol on the movement of goods to Northern Ireland."

Strains Threaten End of UK Restrictions in June: "It's a date written in pencil"

British Health Minister Matt Hancock confirmed this Sunday that the Government is openly contemplating the possibility of postponing the reopening date scheduled for June 21 given the rebound in cases caused by variants of the coronavirus.

United Kingdom advises against its citizens to book holidays in Spain | Coronavirus

The United Kingdom advises its citizens against booking vacations in countries with an orange warning, including Spain, due to the Covid.

UK pubs and football stadiums reopen this Monday closely monitoring the Indian strain of Covid

Drinking a beer in a pub or watching a football match in the stadium are once again possible in the United Kingdom as a new phase of confusion begins on Monday, despite the fear of the advance of the Indian strain of the coronavirus.


What are greenhouse gases and what do they cause?

Find out what greenhouse gases are, what they are and what effects they produce on our planet in a natural and artificial way.

Poisonous sulfur cloud moves to Germany: it really is that dangerous

A poisonous sulfur cloud is moving to Germany. It comes from the volcano on La Palma. The concentration is extremely high, but is the volcanic cloud dangerous?

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Survey: Corona lowers optimism and increases stress

For many Germans, the pandemic is apparently a roller coaster of emotions. While an extraordinarily large number of people were still optimistic in spring 2020, it is now only about one in four.

Charlène von Monaco: Finally a sign of life after her last operation

Royal fans can breathe a sigh of relief: After her last operation in South Africa, Princess Charlène von Monaco reported back on Instagram with a sign of life.