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Hassam is the protagonist of the new cover of Vea magazine

Vea magazine brings comedian Hassam on the cover of its new issue with a moving and inspiring account of constant struggles.

Luisa Fernanda W and Máximo are the new cover of Vea magazine

Luisa Fernanda W and Máximo are the new cover of Vea magazine. This is the first time that mother and son have posed for a national media outlet.


What are greenhouse gases and what do they cause?

Find out what greenhouse gases are, what they are and what effects they produce on our planet in a natural and artificial way.

Poisonous sulfur cloud moves to Germany: it really is that dangerous

A poisonous sulfur cloud is moving to Germany. It comes from the volcano on La Palma. The concentration is extremely high, but is the volcanic cloud dangerous?

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Father and daughter dead – autopsy provides new information

A 47-year-old fell victim to an act of violence in Lower Franconia on Thursday. Her 83-year-old father, who was also found dead, took his own life, according to the autopsy.

Prince Philippos: This is how glamorous his wedding to Nina Flohr will be

In a few days the church wedding of Prince Philippos of Greece and Nina Flohr will take place in Athens. There will be a lavish party.