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Luisa Fernanda W and Máximo are the new cover of Vea magazine

This is the first time that mother and son pose for a national media, after the influencer and singer Pipe Bueno welcomed their first-born 6 months ago. On this cover of Mother’s Day, Luisa told everything about her motherhood, her fears when she was released as a mother, the odyssey of her childbirth and her desire to have three children.

The influencer Luisa Fernanda W celebrates her first mother’s day with her son Máximo in her arms. She remembers that 18 hours of labor went by , until she was finally able to give birth and meet her first-born, Máximo Giraldo Cataño. Your child has become your engine to get ahead and wake up every day and teach him to live the world.

He is still clear about the moment when he knew that he would be a mother. He discovered the news when he was in Mexico, with very strong symptoms associated with intoxication, since Pipe Bueno also had the same discomforts. However, it was her mother who assured her that she was pregnant. Finally, the next day she decided to take a pregnancy test and it came back positive (3+).

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She experienced her pregnancy during her quarantine, which she assures allowed her to take better care of herself and live it with all expectations. “In the first trimester, I didn’t want to eat anything at all, everything tasted horrible to me, I felt disgusted at everything,” he recalls.

For Luisa, being a mother has meant a change in her life, so she has had to be more disciplined in order to organize herself with her professional life and ensures that her union with Pipe has given her that balance.

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She says that, despite having done many courses during pregnancy and having listened to a thousand tips on parenting, she enjoys the best learning with the day-to-day in the company of Máximo. The influencer assured that she wants to have a total of three children.

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