AutoTalk with Pedro Acosta, Moto 3 Champion and Protagonist...

Talk with Pedro Acosta, Moto 3 Champion and Protagonist of the Moto 2021

Christmas is a time of dreams, promises and wishes. We ask the Three Wise Men for a gift or two but we also intend to be better at everything, with the hackneyed New Year’s resolutions. Many little ones will let their imagination fly and ask for a motorcycle, or something similar, to be able to take their first steps on two wheels. Only in this way, with that illusion that characterizes them since they barely lift a foot from the ground, stars like Pedro Acosta are born . This season he has blown us away with his epic comebacks, making himself known around the world for his talent and self-confidence. However, this Murciano has been competing all his life and won his first title when he was 10 years old, being the Champion of Spain in RAV4 140 cc. His fun and endearing character make him easy to love, something that has earned him the esteem of the fans and the two-wheel sector. Some journalists who have wanted to recognize the ‘Tiburon de Mazarrón’ with the ‘Protagonist of the Moto 2021’ award, organized by Medis Grupo and in which two-wheel specialists participate.

The award was presented, virtually, during the traditional annual press meeting, which complied with all sanitary measures and the previous test for all participants. The different commitments prevented the presence of the champion Pedro Acosta, who wanted to convey his gratitude through a virtual interview: “It is a pride to get this trophy that I am sure many more riders would like to have, and it is all about seeing who has achieved it in previous editions .”

A recognition of the motorcycle

The ‘Protagonista de la Moto’ award seeks to annually recognize the most relevant rider, professional, company or organization in the world of two wheels. The winner comes from a vote by journalists and the specialized press , which this year had to decide between:

  • Jordi Torres, double champion of the MotoE World Cup
  • César Rojo, recognition of his professional career
  • Valentino Rossi, 9 times World Champion and motorcycle legend
  • Josep García, E2 Enduro World Champion
  • ANESDOR, promoting motorcycles as part of sustainable mobility
  • Toni Bou, 30 times Trial World Champion
  • Pedro Acosta, Moto3 World Champion
  • KM Solidarity, the largest motorcycle NGO in Spain
  • Laia Sanz, World Champion 14 times in Trial and 6 in Enduro

Finally, the very young Moto 3 rider took the victory after a fantastic season with KTM . Of course, his career comes from afar. After going through several lower categories, in 2020 he won the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, key to making the jump to the Moto 3 World Championship. In his first round he has shown some surprising tables that have catapulted him to the Moto 2 category in a blink of eyes .

Interview with Pedro Acosta

Medis Grupo took advantage of the delivery of the ‘Protagonista de la Moto 2021’ award to chat virtually with Pedro Acosta, who left some interesting statements :

On the title: “Nobody comes to the World Cup and thinks, I’m going to fight to win it in my first year. There has not been a bad race, since in all of them we have learned something, because not only did I fight with other riders, but also with not having their experience in the World Championship ”.

On his physical change: “I started the year being much smaller than now, but when I returned from vacation I was 1.71. That change meant going from being comfortable, going where I wanted and even making the bike large for me to being just the right size, which made me have to find my life to finish the races well from the back, but I didn’t want to Say nothing until after the championship is over, because if someone had to win the World Cup it was me, and if someone had to lose it, it was me too. You couldn’t make the excuse that he hadn’t won because he had grown up ”.

On his jump to Moto2: “In Moto2 everything changes, you notice that you have more power when you give gas and that it has more bass, not like the Moto3 that you always have to carry up. The most important thing will be to know how to manage tire wear, as I have not done a race simulation yet. “

On the Moto2 with which he will race in 2022: “I’ll take the Moto2 that they leave me. The important thing is that I have been able to bring my Moto3 technician and the team that Aki Ajo has given me is the best I could wear. that I am calm with it “.

On his goals for 2022: “This year it will be time to continue learning, since even if I won the title, I left things unlearned in Moto3, so I still have to continue taking steps forward and there is a lot to learn, since it is a new category , new bike and racing are different and the goal is to learn.

Rivals and references in Moto2: “There is no rival, the rival is myself when it comes to learning quickly. As a reference, having Augusto by my side will help me a lot, with all the experience he has in the category, I’m sure that it will help me a lot. “

On the team orders if he reaches the end leading the world championship: “I don’t think there are such team orders. There haven’t been them in Moto3, so I don’t think there are in Moto2.”

On whether he thinks about MotoGP: “We’ll see what happens. The idea is to spend two years in Moto2 and try to fight for the title in the second. The first has to be to learn, but hey, we’ll see how things come. “

On the retirement of Valentino Rossi: “The father of MotoGP is gone. Almost everyone has seen Rossi race. A legend has left.”

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