FunTextured soy: what is it, how is it cooked...

Textured soy: what is it, how is it cooked and what are its benefits?

Unknown until a few years ago, but already a very popular alternative in modern kitchens, textured soy has achieved this fame in part thanks to the growing community of vegans and vegetarians, as well as its various virtues.

But not everyone has already incorporated it into their recipes, and that is why we want to stop at textured soy, to analyze what it is and its main benefits, the same ones that could lead you to adopt it, surely an interesting and complete replacement for meats.

What is textured soy?

Basically, textured soy is the product that is obtained after applying heat and pressure in industrial settings to soybeans that have previously been defatted and removed their skin.

This food is characterized by a texture that we could define as porous and spongy at the same time, which is explained by the separation of protein molecules.

In fact, in this phenomenon lies one of the reasons for the intake of textured soybeans, and that is that when it is moistened again, and regains its original consistency, a texture very similar to that of meats is achieved, with a nutritional contribution that is resembles in the same way.

Benefits of textured soy wool

As we have commented, more than 50% of the composition of this food are proteins in its pure state , and not only that, but it is about proteins of the highest quality, such as those of lean meat, with little fat content and even 30% carbohydrates and 15% fiber.

This high concentration of nutrients, as a consequence of having been subjected to dehydration, makes its amounts of vitamins and minerals, especially iron, are valued with 9 mg per 100 grams of food, well above what the animal meats.

Due to its qualities, textured soy is capable of satiating the hunger of those who consume it without being related to the sum of too many calories, and that makes it a great ally of people who want to burn fat without drastically reducing of weight.

Other scientific evidence adds that textured soy can reduce blood cholesterol , especially with regard to bad cholesterol, functioning as a preventive element for cardiovascular health in people prone to these types of episodes.

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