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The 15 best nursing pillows to use with your baby

I recognize that the utility you find in a nursing pillow knows no middle ground : either it becomes essential when feeding your baby (whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding), or it gets forgotten in a drawer . In my case I was from the first group and a repeat offender, since I used it with my two daughters and until the last day of the second lactation, which lasted almost two years.

Niimo Nursing Pillow

This multifunctional cushion has been designed and created to provide practical support to mothers and newborns at different times of the day, especially during the first weeks of life when feedings are very frequent and long-lasting.

The cover is made of cotton, while the interior is made of silicone-coated polyester fiber, a filling that offers considerable advantages.

Niimo Cojin Lactancia Bebè Funda Cojin 100% Algodòn Extraíble y Lavable Almohada Multifuncional para Madre y Bebé Relleno de Fibra de Poliéster (Selva)

Niimo Baby Breastfeeding Cushion 100% Cotton Cushion Cover Removable and Washable Multifunctional Pillow for Mother and Baby Filled with Polyester Fiber (Jungle)

Today on Amazon for €29.99

Cambrass Star Nursing Pillow

The small Cambrass nursing pillow is very practical during the breastfeeding period. During lactation it serves both the baby and the mother (or the adult). In this case, it encourages the baby to acquire a more comfortable position by resting his shoulders and head on the cushion, thus preventing any movement of the adult from affecting him.

At the same time, it provides the adult with extra support for the arms, avoiding tension in the elbow, back and wrist. In addition to its use for breastfeeding, it is also indicated for adults who, when placed around the neck, relax the muscles and cervical obtaining a very comfortable sensation.

Cambrass Star - Cojín de Lactancia, Color Gris, 53 x 45 x 10 cm

Cambrass Star Nursing Pillow, Grey, 53 x 45 x 10 cm

Today on Amazon for €28.72
RRP at El Corte Ingles €32.60

Baby Nursing Pillow with Cover HuBorns

This cushion is designed to facilitate comfort during pregnancy and to help make feeding time comfortable and enjoyable. It has a washable cotton cover.

HuBorns - Cojin Lactancia Bebe con Funda Cojín 100% Algodón - Almohada de Embarazo y Lactancia Desenfundable - Cojin de Lactancia Multifuncional

HuBorns – Baby Breastfeeding Pillow with 100% Cotton Cushion Cover – Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Pillow with Removable Cover – Multifunctional Breastfeeding Pillow

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Baby Cotton Nursing Pillow

Small gray Nursing Pillow that you can use both during pregnancy and during lactation. The cover is made of cotton.

Almohada de Lactancia Cotton Juice Baby Home pequeña gris

Cotton Juice Baby Home Nursing Pillow Small Gray

RRP at El Corte Ingles €29.99

Babymoov Doomoo Buddy Chine Nursing Pillow

The cushion is made of flexible and fluffy organic cotton that adapts to all positions, is removable and machine washable (30° C). The total length of the cushion is 180 cm. Holds baby at the ideal height during breastfeeding or bottle feeding . Of course it relieves mum/dad’s back and arms while breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

The cover is made of flexible and fluffy organic cotton that adapts to all positions, is removable and machine washable (30° C). The total length of the cushion is 180 cm.

Almohada de Lactancia Babymoov Doomoo Buddy Chine Antracita gris

Babymoov Doomoo Buddy Chine Nursing Pillow Anthracite Gray

RRP at El Corte Ingles €70.00

Cuña Cotton Juice Baby Home

The Cotton Juice Comfort Pillow is useful for both the pregnant woman and the baby. On the one hand , it is a wedge that provides firm abdominal support that prevents back pain during pregnancy.

On the other hand, thanks to its 15º inclination, it works as a support that favors the baby’s breathing and improves its digestion by reducing reflux (inclination recommended by paediatricians).

Its composition of Tencel, a natural and ecological fiber, provides absorption, softness and freshness. Its waterproof finish prevents liquids from passing into the foam.

Cuña Cotton Juice Baby Home Confort Mini blanco

Cotton Juice Baby Home Comfort Mini White Wedge

RRP at El Corte Inglés €19.99

Theraline Nursing Pillow

This nursing pillow provides relaxed breastfeeding, restful sleep and prevents shoulder and neck strain . It is filled with fine microbeads and is odourless. The outer size is approximately 180 x 34 cm. The cover is made of 100% cotton and creates comfort for mother and child.

Theraline - Cojín de lactancia (relleno de microperlas, incluye funda exterior "Big Stars gris", 180 cm)

Theraline Nursing Pillow Filled With Microbeads Including Outer Cover “Big Stars Grey” 180cm

Today on Amazon for €46.32

Cambrass Forest Nursing Pillow

The Cambrass moon cushion is so named because its design is very similar to the crescent moon. In the months of pregnancy, its special micro-pearl filling makes it 100% adaptable to any stage of pregnancy . Then in lactation, it’s perfect.

The article has a removable cover in case you want to wash the outside, the inside is made with a water-repellent fabric that makes it waterproof and prevents possible drops of milk from passing through. It is also a perfect support for the baby always under the supervision of an adult.

Cojín de lactancia Cambrass Forest en color azul

Cambrass Forest nursing pillow in blue

RRP at El Corte Inglés €60.10

Medela Pregnancy and Nursing Pillow

The Medela pregnancy and nursing cushion is the right companion throughout your pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond. Thanks to the filling
Made of silent EPS microbeads, the cushion adapts to the body, supports it in a comfortable position and offers a peaceful and undisturbed sleep.

When nursing, the arms are supported so that the baby is safe in your arms while you can lie down in a relaxed position. It has skin-friendly and durable materials.

Medela cojín de embarazo y lactancia - Con relleno de microesferas de EPS, para el confort desde el embarazo hasta el parto y más allá, en gris con estrellas

Medela pregnancy and nursing cushion – Filled with EPS microspheres, for comfort from pregnancy to delivery and beyond, in gray with stars

Today on Amazon for €58.90

Chicco Boppy Soft Nursing Pillow

The Boppy Breastfeeding Pillows help make breastfeeding moments a comfortable experience for both the baby and the mother, as it is designed to provide comfort and facilitate positioning the child at the correct height.

The mother can support her arms, reducing muscle tension in her back, shoulders and neck. This releases pressure from the abdomen.

It has an ergonomic shape and a unique fiber filling that ensures a comfortable position for both mother and baby during breastfeeding. It is a safe support for the newborn.

Almohada de Lactancia Chicco Boppy Soft Sheep azul con estampado de ovejas

Chicco Boppy Soft Sheep Nursing Pillow blue with sheep print

RRP at El Corte Ingles €49.99

Nursing Pillow Miniland

It is ergonomic, so it allows you to breastfeed or bottle feed comfortably. It relieves the mother’s back, neck and arms and provides a more pleasant posture for the baby as well.

It includes a 100% organic cotton cover, with a design inspired by nature in soft colors and removable, which allows machine washing at 30º C.

Almohada de Lactancia Miniland Naturfeeding Ardilla Eco Friendly blanco

Nursing Pillow Miniland Naturfeeding Squirrel Eco Friendly white

RRP at El Corte Ingles €52.99

Lilly and Ben® Organic Nursing Pillow

The shape of this nursing pillow offers ideal support for breastfeeding. It has a straight strap sewn inside to fit directly over the stomach and an extra mini pillow to raise the baby’s head . It is firm and the padding does not deform.

It is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified and has an easy-to-change cushion cover made of organic cotton.

Lilly and Ben® Cojin Lactancia Orgánico OEKO-TEX® - Almohada-s de Lactancia Materna - Cojin para Amamantar - Cojin Bebe

Lilly and Ben® OEKO-TEX® Organic Breastfeeding Pillow – Breastfeeding Pillow-s – Breastfeeding Pillow – Baby Pillow

Today on Amazon for €39.99

Jané maternity nursing pillow

Maternity nursing cushion made of elastic fabric. It has an ergonomic shape that offers rest and comfort for the baby and his mother . It has ball padding to better adapt to each position and a removable and washable cover made of elastic cotton in a cover + polyamide with internal polystyrene straps.

Cojin de lactancia marternal Jané blanco/gris

Maternity nursing cushion Jané white/grey

RRP at El Corte Inglés €69.99

Nursing Pillow 10 in 1 Clevamama

ClevaCushion is the ultimate in comfort and versatility. Made with ClevaFoam, the ClevaCushion can be used whenever your baby needs a little more support and comfort. The soft yet firm supportive pillow cinches around your waist so you feel comfortable and secure while nursing or bottle-feeding.

Includes a pillow, a car seat support, two padded strap covers, 2 toys, and a removable, machine-washable cover.

Clevamama Cojín de Lactancia 10 en 1 - Cojín para Embarazo y Alimentación de Bebés con Espuma Transpirable

Clevamama Nursing Pillow 10 in 1 – Pregnancy and Baby Feeding Pillow with Breathable Foam

Today on Amazon for €83.10

Pregnancy and Nursing Pillow Tommee Tippee

This extra large pregnancy and nursing pillow is highly recommended if you experience aches and pains while sleeping during pregnancy.

Creates support for the belly, legs and hips , helping to maintain a comfortable position at night. It can be placed between your legs to help you maintain leg-hip alignment.

When the baby arrives, this pillow will serve to support him on it as a nursing cushion . It’s made from extra soft cotton with a pretty gray and white star print.

Almohada de Embarazo y Lactancia Tommee Tippee Made for Me blanco/gris

Pregnancy and Nursing Pillow Tommee Tippee Made for Me white/grey

RRP at El Corte Ingles €59.99

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