FunThe 3 basic rules to store olive oil correctly

The 3 basic rules to store olive oil correctly

We are all used to seeing how olive oil enriches our dishes, but what happens when it is not in good condition? It becomes stale, the taste, smell and color change, and above all it becomes dangerous to health . Therefore, it is necessary to know well what are the 3 basic rules to preserve olive oil.

The 3 basic rules to preserve olive oil

Never take for granted that our olive oil is going to be preserved by magic in our pantry always with the best quality. It is very important to store olive oil (extra virgin or not) in the correct way , whether you buy it in a liter bottle or in a large can or carafe.

In this way, you will avoid that due to light, humidity or a temperature that is not correct, your olive oil ends up deteriorating. Let us know then three rules that are very basic and thus you will preserve your oil, especially the high quality one, always good, edible and tasty.

The bottle

Have you ever noticed? Whether in the supermarket or when you buy oil from the manufacturer, it is rarely stored in clear glass or plastic bottles. We usually find it in carafes (when we want to buy several liters), or in amber glass bottles. The reason is precise, and it is not because dark bottles are prettier.

There is nothing worse for olive oil than light and heat and it is thanks to the amber or dark colored bottles that allow you to keep it away from them.

For this reason you should always keep your oil in a bottle that is dark but not only that, it is also better that it be made of glass, since this material is very hygienic and does not contaminate what is inside, maintaining the characteristics and qualities of the oil. The best way possible.

The temperature

A closed pantry away from heat sources will be the ideal environment for your olive oil: it will not only ensure the ideal darkness to store the oil, but it will also allow it to be kept at a temperature between 12 and 18 degrees Celsius.


When choosing the bottle to store olive oil, pay attention also to the closure: preferably opt for an airtight cap . The oil, in fact, should not be too exposed to oxygen.

For the same reason, if you buy oil in cans, a good habit is to refill a dark glass bottle, so that you have to open the can (or the carafe) as little as possible, thus avoiding the constant entry of air.

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