FunThe 6 types of Islamic veils that exist: burqa,...

The 6 types of Islamic veils that exist: burqa, niqab …

In their first days of rule in Afghanistan, the Taliban have promised to respect the rights of women, always on the basis of ‘sharia’ or ‘Islamic law’. For now they have announced that women will not have to wear a burqa, but everyone doubts that this will really be the case. But what exactly is the burqa? Below we have collected what are the types of Islamic veils that exist .

‘Hijab’ is an Arabic term that we can translate as ‘covering’. It refers to the clothing that Muslim women wear to cover their face , different parts of the body or even the entire face and body, such as the burqa.


This is the garb that the Taliban want to impose on women in Afghanistan. It completely covers the body, from head to toe, and has a kind of grid at the level of the eyes . There are several European countries that have banned its use in public spaces such as France, the Netherlands and Austria, among others.


It is the most used Islamic veil in the world, and the most seen in the West. Cover the head exposing the face .


The niqab is generally used in the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Yemen. It is a veil that covers the entire head and face, with the sole exception of the eyes . It is usually combined with a long tunic and gloves.


It is one of the types of Islamic veils most used by young women . It is made up of two pieces. On the one hand, a cloth that covers the head and conforms to the face. And, on the other hand, a scarf that is worn over the previous one.


This garment became especially popular after the Islamic revolution in Iran as it is the most traditional among the Shiites. It is a cloak that wraps around the head and covers the entire body except the face . Today light colors are used for daily activities.


In Arabic it means “covering the head” and it is a veil in the form of a cape that covers the head, exposing the face and hangs down to the waist. Therefore, it is used to cover the hair, neck and shoulders.

These are the types of Islamic veils that exist .

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