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The anime and manga series Made in Abyss will make the leap to PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC with an action RPG

There are not especially few anime and manga series that have ended up receiving adaptations in video games and the next one that will follow the same path will be Made in Abyss . Spike Chunsoft will be the company that will be in charge of its development with a title that will respond to the name of Made in Abyss: Binary Star Falling Into Darkness .

Akihito Tsukushi’s work was released with a manga in 2012 and a few years later it continued to cover more fields when an anime adaptation, the second season of which has also just been revealed, and a couple of films were released.

As for the game in question, it will be a 3D action RPG in which players will descend into the world of the Abyss and grow in its depths. The plot will be based on that of the anime with its respective characters and events, although it will also be possible to opt for a completely new story that has been supervised by the author of the original series himself.

In this sense, everything that will happen happens when many days have passed since Riko and Reg left for the Abyss, a place where it is said that many adventures are born and disappear and in which we will have to take the role of an explorer. Nameless. For its arrival we will have to wait until 2022 when it occurs on PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC through Steam.

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