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The best calendar applications for our phone

The calendar has become possibly one of the most used applications of any smartphone. Useful not only when it comes to work, it is essential to keep track of pending appointments, vacations, birthdays and much more.

The truth is that, in most cases, the most common thing is to stay only with the base application that we find on our iPhone or Android phone; that is, those developed by Apple or Google for their mobile operating systems. However, today we can opt for other alternative calendar applications , which in addition to being more complete, will possibly offer us a greater number of possibilities.

Next, we will discover some of the best calendar applications that, at the moment, you can find in the different iOS and Android app stores.

Outlook (Android, iOS)

If you have been using Windows for years, it is very likely that when you think of Outlook that email client, outdated and crammed with spam (SPAM), that we used almost obligatorily before the arrival of other options comes to mind. web such as Yahoo! Mail or Gmail itself.

But the reality is that, in 2020, it has also become an ideal calendar and task management application for mobile devices, even if we do not connect our email accounts.

Why? Compatible with iOS and Android, it has an intuitive events page where all the key information is displayed in a refreshing, intelligent and truly simple way, even if we have a huge number of appointments or days in it. Its organization is so simple that we will only have to make proper use of its grids and colors .

In addition, it also comes with a wide variety of integrations with other services, from Evernote to Dropbox, while it offers us the possibility of importing calendars and email accounts .

CloudCal (Android)

If you’re passionate about overly visual calendar and organizer apps, CloudCal can be a great option for Android devices. Although it is true that it is not as attractive as other calendar applications, it stands out mainly for the large number of functions it includes.

The information is displayed in the form of circles, in such a way that only with a simple glance we can get an idea of how busy we are each day of the month. In addition, by means of simple sliding mechanisms it is possible to jump comfortably between the different views of the calendar.

It has synchronization with Google Calendar and with Outlook itself, so it can always become a secondary alternative calendar to use in conjunction with the latter application.

Calendars (iOS)

If you use iOS instead of Android, there is also an alternative calendar application with which you can replace the native Calendar app that you will find on the iPhone. Baptized with the name of Calendars , a tremendously appropriate name (it must be said), which stands out from the beginning for its elegant and attractive user interface, as well as the way it introduces several days of information in a design that is not at all confusing.

It also includes the ability to manage reminders and tasks . And its operation is quite simple: for example, we can use the drag and drop option to move the different events around the planner. While it also allows you to connect and integrate your own Apple Calendar or Google Calendar.

And what’s even better: Siri is able to access it directly, while also working offline.

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