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The best Christmas gift if you have a printer at home

You are working from home and you have to print an invoice. Minutes go by and it seems that something is wrong with the printer … Indeed, you have just run out of ink. You will have to find the closest store and postpone the delivery of the document, even if your client needs it urgently. Does this fateful situation sound familiar to you? With Epson’s ReadyPrint plans this will never happen to you again. And now that the festive dates are approaching … without a doubt it is a detail for those people who telework.

Running out of ink at key moments

Printing a contract, your child’s work, a personal document … running out of ink at a key moment is something that should never happen. Therefore, if what you are looking for is an effective, economical and immediate solution, most teleworkers and busy households (with schoolwork or family documents in charge) opt for ReadyPrint.

And there is no better Christmas gift than the peace of mind of knowing that, whatever happens, you will always have ink in your printer. Undoubtedly, a success that will fill you with tranquility and allow you to make the most of the holidays without last minute unforeseen events.

Up to 90% savings in printing costs

Not only is it the most comfortable option (you will never have to worry about the condition of the ink in your printer again, since you will receive it before it runs out) but it is also the most economical solution.

In fact, Epson’s ink subscription service allows you to save up to 90% on printing costs (with the EcoTank plan) and 70% (with the Flex plan). Therefore, you can enjoy your ink plan at home for less than what a coffee is worth… 1.99 euros.

Almost as fast as Usain Bolt!

Plus, these subscription plans are the fastest and most convenient, with ReadyPrint delivering ink to your doorstep almost as fast as former pro athlete Usain Bolt.

In short: yes or yes is a winning option that you should not overlook. Especially if you telecommute and use the printer frequently.

How ReadyPrint Works

The procedure is quite simple. First, you will have to enter the Epson website. Next, you must choose the plan that suits your needs, depending on the type and volume of printing.

If you usually print sporadically, you could opt for the Flex plan, while if you print between 300 and 500 pages per month or have a small business, the best option is the EcoTank plan.

After this step, you will have to complete the subscription to the chosen plan on the website

You can now enjoy ink in your home before you run out of it!

A plan that adjusts to your needs

Each person is different and has different needs. Therefore, you can adjust the plan to the printing volume you require. If you don’t have to print a lot of sheets each month, we recommend ReadyPrint Flex.

ReadyPrint Flex

Do you already have a cartridge printer? Fantastic!

Now, all you need is to activate a subscription plan based on your monthly print volume. The rates that you can find are the following:

  • 30 pages per month: € 1.99
  • 50 pages per month: € 2.99
  • 100 pages per month: € 4.99
  • 300 pages per month: € 11.99
  • 500 pages per month: € 18.99

What happens if you print month pages in a month? Absolutely nothing, since you will be able to transfer the unused pages in the next two months.

ReadyPrint EcoTank

If you don’t have a printer yet, you don’t have to worry. With this plan, you can hire both the printer and the ink. That is, Epson will give you a printer for the entire duration of the plan and, at the end of the contract, you will have to return the printer.

Likewise, you can contract prints only in black and white or in black, white and color. The prices for this subscription are:

  • 300 pages per month: € 6.99 (monochrome) and € 7.99 (mono + color).
  • 500 pages per month: € 8.99 (monochrome) and € 9.99 (mono + color).
  • Unlimited: € 10.99 (monochrome) and € 14.99 (mono + color).

And it is that printing from home has never been so comfortable, economical and practical. Make the best gift this Christmas and go to Epson’s ReadyPrint!

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