FunThe best destinations for summer 2021 in Spain

The best destinations for summer 2021 in Spain

The summer holidays are coming and, this year, when at the moment the sanitary conditions and the vaccination rate are getting better and better, it seems that flexibility will be greater than in 2020. For this reason, you can already think about the best destinations for summer 2021 in Spain .

The coasts are being prepared, but so are the inland sites and even cities where to carry out a global cultural tourism.


The island of love is one of the most prominent each year. Summer site for foreigners, last year it was for nationals. This year, more tourism is expected from various places, yet it will never be like before the pandemic.

This island has spectacular beaches and many areas to visit thanks to its landscapes and great history.


City tourism is also feasible this summer. Thus the city hides many attractions, and as tourism has now dropped, you can walk and enter its monuments without large crowds.

From Montjuïc to Tibidabo, passing through the Sagrada Familia , to museums such as the Picasso or the national art museum. Now there are also lower-priced tickets, so it’s time to tour the city.

Baixa Limia-Serra do Xurés Natural Park in Galicia

Rural tourism is one of the most expanded in the pandemic. It is always a good time to get lost in these rugged areas full of natural beauty like this park that UNESCO declared as a Biosphere Reserve.

It is a fantastic place for excursions, because among the mountains, there are megalithic monuments, shepherds’ huts, granaries, Roman sites and even churches.

Malaga towns

Among the destinations for summer 2021, the towns of Malaga provide everything you need to disconnect. Art, history, gastronomy… they are beautiful, with hidden houses and a blank landscape thanks to its different houses.

There are many, indoor and beach, so you can choose (this will cost you) between its various destinations, so it is best to take a tour starting from Malaga and let yourself go . In the villages there are castles, medieval churches, mountains, and gastronomy. Ronda, Antequera, Benalmádena, Filigrana, Torremolinos, Álora, Ardales, Estepona… are towns of great beauty that are close to Malaga and that you must discover this summer.

Gorbeia Natural Park

The Basque Country will intoxicate you if you still don’t know it. The Gorbeia Natural Park is located between the historical territories of Bizkaia and Álava, around Mount Gorbeia of 1481m. altitude. And it is ideal for nature lovers.


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