AutoThe best-selling motorcycles in 2021

The best-selling motorcycles in 2021

The motorcycle sector is on wheels, and never better said. It is still difficult to talk about numbers that exceed those before the appearance of covid-19, but they are beginning to be interesting. According to data from ANESDOR (National Association of Companies in the Two-Wheel Sector) , last year 642,160 units were sold, of which 459,306 were used. The second-hand market is more alive than ever, something that has always characterized our country and its car park. The increase in the number of new motorcycle registrations is 3.14% compared to 2020, which represents a drop of 6.23% compared to 2019. On the other hand, the world of second-hand motorcycles has grown by 19.12 % compared to 2020 and 9.75% compared to 2019, so users have clearly opted for this type of motorcycle. Of course, the purchasing level is an important detail but also the absence of waiting and the urgency of finding an individual vehicle, and urbanite, with which to move without crowds.

This association considers that it is precisely this need to avoid public transport, which has fallen by 40% in the number of users, which has encouraged motorcycle registrations. Therefore, and ease of acquisition, second-hand ones are the most benefited in this case. In addition, the labeling of the DGT only affects them in some cities such as Barcelona, with Madrid being the city with the most introduction of this type of vehicle. In the capital it grew by 29.2% in the case of mopeds, leaving the leadership of motorcycles to the community of the Basque Country. In Ceuta and Melilla, on the other hand, it was where the slightest increase was experienced with 8.2%. Of course, and as usual, Catalonia and Andalusia are the Autonomous Communities with the highest number of sales and presence .

These data reveal a clear trend towards second-hand vehicles, something that is also experienced in the four-wheel sector. In a barometer published by, it is confirmed that the user focuses his interest on vehicles over 10 years old (41%) , similar to the 38% that he arouses in motorcycles. We tell you more in the gallery.

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