FunThe best Turkish soap operas and where to watch...

The best Turkish soap operas and where to watch them

Television is continually changing and what we might never have seen before is now a trend in the networks with the largest audiences in our country. It happened in the 90s with the novels arriving from Colombia or Mexico, such as’ Agudamientos de color de rosa ‘, Rubí’, or ‘Pasión de gavilanes ‘, a great success in Spain. Now, in 2021, it is Turkish soap operas that are reaping enormous success on high-speed networks such as Telecinco and Antena 3.

In this case, there are already many Turkish soap operas that we can enjoy in Spain, especially from channels like Nova or Divinity, although the most cutting-edge can be seen in prime time on the main Atresmedia and Mediaset channels.


One of the most talked about hits of the beginning of the year that was extended on Antena 3 until this summer . ‘Woman’ has all the ingredients to hook anyone: cheating, love, misunderstandings, family dramas and revenge, something very typical of the best Turkish soap operas of the moment.

‘Woman’ tells us about Bahar, a young woman who was abandoned by her mother when she was 8 years old . When she met Sarp when she was older, she fell madly in love with him until one day she became a widow. He only has his two sons, Nisan and Doruk. When she moves to a new neighborhood, she will begin to discover that the truth about her husband is different.

The series has been the biggest success in our country and we can watch it through the Atresmedia streaming service .


It was also a success when it passed through Nova a few years ago. Although it was not released on the main Atresmedia network, it was very successful on the secondary network.

He tells us about Fatmagül, a woman who lives with her brother and his wife in a coastal town . One night, she ends up being raped by some young men from the village, including Kérim, who was with her friends and who is forced to marry Fatmagül.

We can also enjoy it in full on the Atresmedia streaming service.

Kara Sevda (Eternal Love)

Possibly the most important and successful Turkish soap opera of all time. We saw it in Divinity, which continues to replenish it, in 2016 , and we can still enjoy its two full seasons on Mediaset Plus.

It tells us the story of an impossible love between two young men, Kemal and Nihan. Kemal lives with his lower-class family and meets Nihan, the daughter of a wealthy family in the city. Both will start an impossible romance that will take them to the limit of their lives.

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