AutoThe Camino de Santiago aboard a Citroën Ami

The Camino de Santiago aboard a Citroën Ami

Challenges are part of the DNA of Citroën, a firm known for its different and risky actions. The launch of the Citroën Ami raised a lot of expectation, starting with its symmetrical design and ending with its zero-emission propulsion of just 8.2 CV . An electric motor that allows it to reach 45 km / h and, therefore, be considered a quadricycle . We quickly positioned it as an ideal mobility object for European cities, in the process of transition, but in France they are vehicles used for transport between small towns. That idea opened the mind of the communication team of the chevron firm in Spain, who wanted to pay tribute to the Xacobeo Year in a special way: traveling the Camino de Santiago aboard their Citroën Ami .

The proposal was, to say the least, different. We soon signed up for one of the sections that were still free and that is because, despite the hustle and bustle of the return to school, journalists have filled all the places in this project, which are not few. The firm’s choice was that of the French Way , which is more than 754 kilometers from Rocesvalles to the Plaza del Obradoiro in Santiago de Compostela. From Muy Interesante we get the stretch from Astorga to Acebo de San Miguel, passing through the iconic port of Foncebadón and its iron cross. At the pace of the Citroën Ami, and on the roads that any pilgrim cyclist would take, it took us about two and a half hours.

A different path

It was 38 kilometers of peace, except for the noise that seeps into the cabin as it is a very cost-effective model. I had never considered doing the Camino de Santiago, much less motorized, so I sat behind the wheel of the Ami, said the key and made up my mind to spend a few hours in calm. The idea is not bad at all, and even more so if we realize that 2021 and 2022 are Xacobeo years , something that has not been repeated since 1938 and that we had to take advantage of whatever it was. The pilgrims who were overtaking the slow pace of the Ami, only reached 45 km / h , came from very different parts of the world and were somewhat surprised at my step.

Some even came over at a photo stop. What is this? Asked. A mobility object, electric, that can be driven with the AM license and that reaches 75 kilometers of autonomy . A route that has to be flat to obtain this result, given that with the slopes and curves of the Foncebadón port they were in just over 50 kilometers .

You will not go unnoticed

When we tested the Citroën Ami we already realized its grace. The pedestrians of Madrid were surprised as we passed, just like the walkers of Astorga al Acebo. Its design is unique, there is no doubt about that. Manufacturing cost savings have resulted in a tiny 2.41 meter long box that is completely symmetrical. You do not know if it comes or if it goes, if it is front or bottom, and that draws a lot of attention.

The driver’s door opens in reverse, what is called a suicide door, and opens into an extremely spacious, two-seater passenger compartment. The seats are hard and the passenger seat is slightly set back to leave leg room, enough to fit a carry-on bag and a bag hanging from the handle . Behind the driver’s seat there is also a hole to store a bag, and the dashboard modules are interchangeable which Ikea furniture.

We finished our stage more relaxed than after the holidays, and with breathtaking views. The town opens its doors to us and a hostel gives us its bathroom plug to charge the Ami, which in just 3 hours manages to complete the 5.5 kWh battery. The magic of the road has made us see another facet of this mobility object, available from 19.99 euros per month with an entry of 3,521 euros and 1,600 euros of aid in the MOVES III Plan. We recently attended the presentation of its cousin, the Opel Rocks-e.

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