AutoThe Citroën AMI leads urban mobility

The Citroën AMI leads urban mobility

More than a year and a half ago, the new Citroën AMI was officially presented in Paris. Then the pandemic arrived, we protected ourselves at home, we bought online and, some, learned to telecommute. Life seems to take the rhythm prior to the covid, with its differences and acquired customs, such as the use of masks inside the establishments. Online or e-commerce consumption has also increased dramatically, so that more delivery vans circulate on our streets . One more challenge for city councils and their plans to reduce emissions in cities. However, there are many alternatives that arise and will emerge for metropolitan private transport, whether personal or commercial. An example of this is the Citroën AMI itself, a mobility object framed in the quadricycle segment and which already has a Cargo variant, ideal for smaller parcels or food delivery at home.

It’s back to school, and to work, so we must worry about fulfilling our day to day and leaving vacations behind. The city traffic seems overwhelming and the time we waste parking a torture. Luckily the children return to class equipped with the latest from the Citroën E-Boutique , the key to getting them back to their happiest routines. On the firm’s portal you will find everything from a Camouflage watch decorated with motifs from the WRC Citroën Rally Team to a notebook inspired by the colors of the AG2R Citroën cycling team. Also available is a T-shirt from the Citroën Origins collection with the 2CV as the protagonist. It would be a whole game of past and present to take the little one of the house, in a Citroën AMI and with that shirt on.

Citroën AMI

The AMI represents another way of understanding mobility, which has nothing to do with the 2CV era . The purchase of a vehicle is something optional, and more and more. Not to mention that young people prefer to invest in air travel than in road routes. The camper trend seems to have modified this adventurous spirit, but not for the day-to-day. Large cities focus on pollution and alternatives such as AMI may be key to the transition to zero emissions mobility.

The Citroën AMI, which the chevron firm itself sells as an object and not as a car, has another objective. Beyond the private purchase, which can also be done, this 6 kW electric quadricycle is the perfect tool for carsharing . It does not exceed 45 km / h speed , so it can be driven from the age of 16 with the AM license . Its 5.5 kWh batteries are charged in just 3 hours from a conventional socket thanks to the cable embedded in the passenger compartment and it is priced similar to that of any competitive microcar.

AMI Cargo

To the personal mobility of the AMI is added the commercial one, with the Cargo version. In this case, and as we tell you in the article, its seats have been modified to accommodate compact-size packages. With its 75 kilometers of autonomy, it can make a delivery day, both for the Amazon giant and restaurants with home delivery and other services. Its small dimensions, with 2.41 m in length, 1.39 m in width and 1.52 m in height , will allow you to access any neighborhood without blinking. In addition, finding a space to park will be a breeze.

It is not the only option that Citroën offers to companies dedicated to transport, there is also the ë-Berlingo ë-Jumpy and ë-Spacetourer. The first of them plays with the advantage of being really functional, posable as the only car of the family due to its modularity , modern design and technological equipment. The same happens with the ë-SpaceTourer, although its size makes it less agile in urban traffic but ideal for transporting people.

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