FunThe dimensions of the blades of a wind turbine...

The dimensions of the blades of a wind turbine and the force they originate

We are already more than used to seeing mountains full of wind turbines on Spanish roads that are dedicated to creating energy through the movement of their blades. A wind turbine is a device in charge of converting the kinetic energy of the wind into usable electrical energy. To do this, the wind turbine blades must be large and located in places where the wind is constant to take advantage of all its movement.

These wind turbine blades usually rotate between 12 and 20 revolutions per minute, depending on the technology used, varying the speed depending on the needs.

Normally, and this is usually common in most wind turbines that are distributed throughout our geography, the dimension of the blades is 20 meters long in general, although in some cases it can exceed these measurements.

Wind turbine characteristics

These types of wind turbines have a common operation, and usually have a useful life of up to 25 years, although with the latest advances in this field, in the coming years we will see wind turbines that can exceed this figure, with good periodic maintenance.

To work they need a series of phases that we are going to detail:

Automatic Orientation: the generator itself is able to orient itself automatically to make the best use of the kinetic energy of the wind. Thanks to the wind vane and the anemometer that are located in its upper part, the data transmitted to the wind turbine allows it to be oriented according to the wind gust to take full advantage of its potential.

Rotation of blades: when the wind begins to move at speeds of 3.5 m / s, the blades begin to move, providing a maximum power that reaches 11 m / s. With gusts of strong winds, the blades, positioned in the flag, the wind turbine itself is capable of braking so that excessive stresses are not produced.

– Multiplication: the rotor is connected to a multiplier that is capable of raising the speed from 13 to 1,500 revolutions per minute.

– Generation : by means of the fast axis, the multiplication manages to transfer the energy to the axis that is coupled, finally producing the electricity.

– Evacuation: this energy is conducted inside the wind turbine tower until it reaches the base. By underground line, it reaches the substation, raising the voltage and injecting electricity into the grid, directly reaching the points of consumption.

– Monitoring: it is essential for the whole process to be carried out normally. Everything is automated and monitored from the substation.

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